120101: Guest sign up form Table of Fabulousness


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Sign up for The Table of Fabulousness by completing this one page business profile.

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120101: Guest sign up form Table of Fabulousness

  1. 1. Your Unofficial Boardroom Lunch!Guest ProfilePlease complete this form in <1 page if you can!  .Name:Business: website: FB page:Home Address:Email: Mobile: LinkedIn:About your businessWhat does your biz do?What’s your vision?What stage are you at?Opportunity:Why is there a market for your product / service?What is the potential?USPWhat makes your product/biz unique?IncomeHow will/does it generate sales?Challenges:what are your key risks and how are/will they be managed?PeopleWhat experience and skills do you bring to the Table of Fabulousness? 11 Shared Spirit: **100% confidentiality** 
 ie whats said here and around the table offabulousness STAYS at the table of fabulousness unless you state otherwise.