Employee engagement overview of findings


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Employee engagement overview of findings

  1. 1. Employee Engagement Presented by: Cindy Joice Director of Training and Development This is a subset of the original presentation that could be shared on the internet. For more information, contact Cindy Joice: leadershiprealitycheck@gmail.com
  2. 2. Agenda• Defining Employee Engagement• Benefits of an Engaged Employee Base• Overview of Research & Key Learnings• How Managers Engage Employees• The Psychology behind engagement• Included in appendix – Research – Survey Statistics – Competencies Related to Engagement
  3. 3. What is Employee Engagement?An Engaged Employee is someone who:• is in a role that uses their talents• knows the scope of their job• relishes the challenge of their work• is 100% psychologically committed to their role
  4. 4. Higher employee engagementleads to higher profits Employee Customer Engagement Satisfaction A 5% Increase Creates a 1% Increase in Engagement In Customer Satisfaction Increases Profits by 50% Increased ProfitsSource: Harvard Business Review
  5. 5. Gallup Research• Two studies over the last 25 years – What talented employees need from their workplace • Over 1 Million employees surveyed • 2500 business units • 24 companies – How the worlds greatest managers find, focus, and keep talented employees • Results compared with company, customer, and employee metrics • Over 80,000 1.5 hour interviews
  6. 6. Key Learnings• Managers supersede all other employee initiatives – “If a Manager sets clear expectations, know their employees, trust them and invest in them, then employees will forgive a company its lack of other benefits.”• Talented Employees need great Managers. – Reasons for joining organization are different from staying – Staying is determined by relationship with supervisor. –Quotes from “First Break all the Rules” by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
  7. 7. –Quote from “First Break all the Rules” by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
  8. 8. How Managers Engage Employees Engagement 6) Employee Development 5) Care about Employees 4) Performance Feedback and Recognition 3) Sense of Accomplishment 2) Training and Work Support 1) Clear expectations
  9. 9. Managers also facilitate higherlevels of Engagement Engagement 12) Progress Discussions 11) Opportunities to Learn and Grow 10) Interaction with Colleagues 9) Teamwork and Cooperation 8) Connect Roles to the Company Mission 7) Employee Involvement
  10. 10. Employee Engagement Survey Responses % Strongly AgreeEmployee opinions and suggestions are 0% Employeetaken seriously in my company’sdecision-making process 72% Involvement 29% Sense of My company inspires me to do my 4% best work every day 56% Accomplishment Training and I have the information I need 8% 29% to do my job well Work Support 33%what is expected of me at work 15% 62% Expectations 50% Opportunity Group 1 Best Practice Group 2 Gallup 75th Percentile
  11. 11. Employee Engagement Survey Responses % AgreementEmployee opinions and suggestions are Employeetaken seriously in my company’s 25% 33% Involvementdecision-making process Sense of My company inspires me to do my 38% 67% Accomplishment best work every day Training and I have the information I need to do my job well 62% 73% Work Supportwhat is expected of me at work 63% 91% Expectations Opportunity Group 1 (small group) Total Company – Non Exempt
  12. 12. The Psychology behind EngagementMaslow’s Hierarch of Needs Self - Actualization Esteem Needs Belonging Needs Safety Needs Physiological Needs
  13. 13. Appendix Research Employee surveys 1700 employee – 260 replies (15%) 1700 management - 700 replies (41%) 46 Distribution employees – 26 replies (57%) External companies Best Buy Land O’Lakes interviewed General Mills Medtronic Georgia Pacific Northwest Airlines Hormel Wells Fargo Industry research Watson Wyatt, Hewitt, IABC, Communication Executive Council, Ragan Report, Gallup Organization, Harvard Business Review, etc. Senior management 24 interviews Business units 5 interviews Corp Communications & HR 9 interviews
  14. 14. Appendix Competencies related to engagement Elements of Engagement Related Competencies 1) Clear Expectations Directing Others 2) Training and Work Support Informing 3) Sense of Accomplishment Managing and Measuring Work 4) Performance Feedback and Recognition Motivating Others 5) Care about Employees Caring About Direct Reports 6) Employee Development Developing Direct Reports 7) Employee Involvement Listening 8) Roles are connected to SUPERVALU’s Mission Building Effective Teams 9) Teamwork and Cooperation Interpersonal Savvy 10) Interaction with Colleagues 11) Opportunities to Learn and Grow 12) Progress Discussions