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Are you following up with your prospects?
Do your current customers feel loved because you keep in touch with them?
Do you have tons of business cards from people you've met at networking events or conferences but you haven't done anything with them?

If you KNOW you should be following up but it's just too much darn work or you don't know where to start, you won't want to miss this webinar.

We'll teach:
* The 6 Follow Up Keys and when to use each one
* Best Bet Sign-Up Boxes
* Getting the Best Sign-up Conversions
* Your Message Flow Sequence
* Best Places to Collect Info
* List Building Tips
* Protect Yourself
* Monitor and Measure - Rinse and Repeat

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  • Start Recording – UNMUTE SHARE SCREENHello Everyone and welcome to How to Design a Follow Up Campaign – Step by Step. I’m Cindy Morus and I’ll tell you more about me in a bit. We have a great group of people joining us today! I want to mention that we are recording this session, so you will have a chance to watch again to review and learn. This is going to be a jam-packed informative training to teach you how to follow up.So let’s get started!
  • We’veall heard this – the “Fortune is in the Follow up.” And like a lot of famous sayings, it’s true. You wouldn’t be on the call today if you didn’t believe that. And I bet you have some gaps in your follow up system! So, why should you follow up?Your Competitors are doing thisYou already have a list of customers/clients/donors/volunteers and they need attention, too!Be top of mind at the time they’re ready for your products and servicesLots of possibilities and opportunitiesYou’re leaving money on the table!
  • Today we’re going to talk about …Lifetime Customer ValueWhy Follow Up?Legal IssuesYour Follow Up KeysThe MessageFollow-UpMonitor & MeasureLead Conversion PortalYour Turn
  • As I mentioned, I’m Cindy Morus. I am a business owner, have been for many years, just like many of you on the call today. My business partner, Christine Wood, and I help local businesses get more business. We spend hours each week learning and keeping up with the changes in technology and marketing and that’s what we bring you with this series of trainings. We love to educate business owners on how they can use technology with their local marketing to get more business. Local Marketing, also known as Local SEO, is what the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and others are putting more emphasis on. They know that people are searching and researching online for products and services. If your business can’t be found quickly on a smart phone by your keywords than you are missing out. Smart phones and mobile devices like tablets are outselling laptops and desktops now. The online marketing world is changing and we like helping businesses with all this! If you’re not Following up with both your website visitors and walk-in prospects as well as your current customers, then you’re missing out on some amazing marketing opportunities. If your competition is doing it then they’re beating you out. If your competition isn’t following up, then here’s your chance to learn and stay ahead!
  • Your current customers are your most valuable asset. But how much is a current customer really worth?In our free Local Profit Leaks Report, we teach you about Lifetime Customer Value. You can get it at  Once you calculate the Lifetime Value of a Customer (LVC), you can completely transform the way you look at your business, the way you do business and the profits your business will generate. It’s a “make or break” number.  Here’s an example:If your average sale is $50And your average customer buys from your business 8 times per yearAnd your average customer stays with you for 10 years You earn $400 from one customer ($50 x 8) per year and a Lifetime Value of $4,000 over 10 years. What if you have 500 customers? 500 customers at $400 each per year is an annual income of $200,000.  What if you could implement a marketing program that increased the number of customers, the amount they spend on each visit and the number of times they purchase from you by only 10%? Here’s what happens:Number of customers increases from 500 to 550Average amount of purchase per sales increases from $50 to $55Average number of purchases per customer increases from 8 times to 8.8 times.  So your annual income will increase from $200,000 to $266,200 ($55 x 8.8 x 550). That’s a huge increase of $66,200 per year and over 10 years it’s $662,000!!! This is the power of follow up! More Customers, More Sales, More Profit!
  • Let’s talk about Sales and getting more of them!#1 Failure Reason – No Sales Funnel48% Never Even Follow Up (how many of you have made a sales call and never followed up; or attended a networking event and the cards are still sitting in one of your desk drawers?)Only 2% of Sales are made on first contactOver 80% of Sales are made on fifthcontact or even after more contacts – don’t give up!
  • The Fortune is in the Follow up! Most of us are in business because we love what we do and we want to earn money doing it! Having a good Follow Up System can mean the world of difference in your marketing and your bottom line. This is true for online businesses, retail stores and professional service providers. Following up with someone can be more than just a simple email the next day! Depending on the situation, there are many ways to continue to stay in touch with someone you meet through your business. You know by now that you need to touch your prospects an average on five- seventeen times before they buy from you. This depends on your type of business of course. We work with businesses to tailor a follow up process that’s right for them and if you’re interested in a consult, please contact us. Your Follow Up System will tell you what to do to follow up, how often to follow up, who will be doing the follow up. Your follow up system will be part of your company’s policies and procedures so everyone knows exactly what needs to be done every day, week, month and throughout the year. And your follow up system automates as much of this as possible so you can be free to focus on actually serving your customers. You’ll also be able to delegate a lot of the follow up to your team after the initial setup. Taking the time to get your follow up system set up can add thousands and thousands of dollars to your company’s bottom line!
  • Reason #1!!! Increases Lifetime Customer Value
  • CAN-Spam: Now we all know this is a joke since our boxes are full of spam but legit businesses are smart to follow it – it’s good business practice. Cannot add people to your automated mailing list without their permission Just meeting someone and getting their business card does not allow you to put their name on your automated email list. People are quite protective of their email addressesYou can really hurt your online, business and personal reputation by adding people without their permissionMany email programs like Gmail, Comcast, AOL will let their customers report spam and that can get your account shut down. People can report your email as spam to your email service, too, and you will get in trouble with them, too.There are way to ethically encourage the people you network with to ask to be on your list and we’ll talk about those in a few minutes.They MUST be able to remove themselves from your list by clicking unsubscribe buttonDon’t use your own email program for mass mailings!Quickest way to get banned from your email program and to get other people banned as well.Fresh and Quick/Comcast storyPlus the follow up services we recommendwill automate a lot of your list duties! And that frees you to help your customers, develop new products and services and take time off!
  • The key is to stay in touch with your prospects and your customers so when they need you, they’ll remember you. You’ll want to automate this or you’ll have stacks of business cards, notes and various other paper email collection devices scattered all over your business.There are a few ways to follow up with your customers and prospects. Which of the following have you implemented?:Let’s talk about each of these.
  • About 10 years ago, we could all offer “Sign up for my Newsletter” and people would gladly give you their email address. Not any more.Effective websites will offer a compelling “freebie” in exchange for the prospect’s email address. The email address goes in to your database service and builds your list. If you have a form on your website to capture information, does that just go to your email to follow up with a lead or are you building a “list”? Sign-up Boxes are also called Opt-in Boxes Here are a couple of examples:This one’s not so exciting. Asking for too much info. The more info you ask for the lower your chances of visitor’s completing Lets look at another one…
  • This one is from our website at BizFinder Local. Which would you prefer to sign up for? (show previous) This or This…
  • Here are a couple more examples:
  • Once people have requested your “freebie” you have permission to send them additional follow ups email messages. The first kind I want to talk about is Autoresponder messages. These are scheduled emails your Follow Up System sends out based on when a prospect has entered your sales funnel. So if I sign up today, I’ll start getting your message sequence immediately and if someone else signs up next week, they’ll start getting the messages I’ve already received. This is known as “dripping”.With an Autoresponder system, you can design a follow up campaign where each person gets a series of emails designed to educate them or entertain them or lead them to the next step in the sales cycle. These can last as long as a year! (If someone unsubscribes, the messages stop)In fact, you can even have several campaigns. You may want to be sending a different message to your prospects than what you send to your customers. You may also have a mixed customer base (i.e. men vs. women or business owners vs. corporate workers) and want to send a different message to each set. Or you can send messages based on what people sign up for or what they purchased. It’s important to choose a follow up service with good deliverability and that has unlimited Autoresponder messages and lists. It’s painful to move your list to another service if you make the wrong decision. We’ve seen a lot of the bad ones out there and can steer you to the most effective – based on your budget. Initially, collect as little information as you really need because each additional piece of information you ask for will reduce your conversions.
  • Here is a flow chart of how the person who signs up to receive your free report can flow through your Automation system.First, they go to your website and fill out the form to request the free report. Then they’ll get an email in the Report Delivery with a link to your report. Next, they’ll download the report and you can follow up with them until the purchase or complete the series of emails (2nd image - of course you can have as many email messages in this sequence as you want). Some of those messages can encourage them to purchase your goods and services and that’s where the shopping cart icon shows up.Once they complete the initial series of autoresponder emails, they’ll continue to get your newsletters and announcement. Let’s talk about that next.
  • Broadcasts are different from Autoresponders... Think newsletters and announcements – everyone on the list gets the email at the same time no matter when they signed up vs. Autoresponders are sent out based on when you joined. So your newsletters can go out weekly or monthly and your announcements can go out to your list whenever you need to send them out. Both of those are broadcasts. They tend to be less automated because you’ll probably write the content just before sending it out.The best follow up services can handle both Autoresponders and Broadcasts and you can have as many messages and lists as you want. They should also track open rates, # of clicks etc. Many can also share your info on social media automatically!
  • Here’s a flow chart for newsletters. We set this up at the beginning of the year and enter each newsletter after it is written. People will skip any newsletters in the past and get queued up for the next one upon sign-up.
  • Let’s review the kinds of email messages you’ll want your Follow Up Service to send out.Newsletters also known as broadcasts: Short and frequent. Don’t put your entire article in the newsletter - Make it a blog post send them over there to read “the rest of the story”. This will increase your website content as well as traffic to your website (which Google likes). Remember “Re-use, Repurpose, Recycle!”In a newsletter, offer a commentary, a testimonial, a product or service recommendation, a tip, an upcoming event you’re holding, an advertisement that uses your affiliate link. Again, Send them back to your website.
  • Announcements: Share, share, share!New Products or ServicesUpcoming EventsSales or SpecialsNew hires
  • Autoresponders – educational, informational, Highlight and address Specific areas of interest from your free reportEducation and TipsCase Studies/ExamplesShowcase your ExpertiseAdditional products and servicesEvergreen (not time sensitive)Develop Relationship with your audienceShowcase your expertiseOffer additional products and services
  • Once you have your lists going and are collecting information about your customers, you can send targeted messages. For example, when someone purchases a product, tag them with that information and offer them additional services in that category. Offer them products and services they haven’t purchased yet.When you collect demographic information, you can send email specifically to that group – for example, females between the ages of 30 and 35 with children. Whatever is appropriate to your audience. Since you are now offering a number of free opt-ins, you can identify people’s interests and send them additional messages and product/service offerings.Remember the Lifetime Customer Value!
  • We all know mobile devices are the hottest technology appliance right now – outselling laptops and desktops. Text messaging is also a way to bypass overstuffed Inboxes. Text messaging to mobile devices works much the same way email marketing does. A text message can be 140 characters so you need to choose your words wisely.You do have to collect their phone # on the opt-in form in order to sent out a text message. Be careful to make sure people know they will be getting text messages from you. You may want to collect cell phone #s in one of your follow up emails or with a separate text message campaign: Text “give me something” at 90210. Don’t just add people to your text messaging sequence without getting permission. People are even more protective of their cell phones than their Inboxes.
  • Restaurants are an obvious choice to send out offers on a slow night or remind your customers to come in on a Friday night before a movie.Movie theaters can announce upcoming movies, special events or even push out movie trailersHair salons can offer coupons or invite walk-insClothing and Shoe stores could offer specialsGrocery stores can share “What to Make for Tonight” recipes and specials about 4:00 in the afternoon when most people have no idea what they’re doing for dinner!
  • Service oriented businesses can send a mass broadcast text to fill a cancellation. Much more efficient that having the front desk make calls.Auto service shops can send out reminders for oil changes or to top off your windshield fluid!Optometrists can send out messages for patients to purchase contact lenses.Send out a message whenever it’s time for “repeat” orders
  • Text Messaging can Work hand in hand with email campaigns. This increases your email open rate.Increase the rate of attendance for online and local events like your workshops or speaking engagements or salesInvite your subscribers to attend a Chamber of Commerce event or another local activity you support.
  • The service provider you choose may offer one or both of these features directly inside of the program or you may be able to export the names, phone numbers and mailing addresses for phone and direct mail follow up. Of course, being able to do this depends on how much information you have available in your database. And you want to stay on the right side of the Do Not Call list.Make your direct mail stand out: Lumpy mail, Send Out Cards, colored envelopes, large postcards – think about the Netflix mailers.
  • This follow up method is largely under-used. Try finding industries that compliment your own and inviting that business to market services with you.Work with other businesses to promote each other. Create complimentary packages. Recommend the other business in your newsletterDo NOT share your lists.
  • An appliance repair company may want to work with an electrician and plumber. A hair salon with a clothing boutique or spaCan you think of other possibilities?
  • Where to Collect Information?Everywhere!Your websiteBack of your business cardCouponsAt your registerNetworkingDisplay TablesSocial MediaDon’t miss an opportunity to collect email addresses. Be sure to note that people will receive additional information from you. Also include a privacy statement (Your email is safe with us. We won’t sell or share your email address).
  • The fortune is in your List!You need to generate a list before you can follow up with anyone. The best way to do this is by offering an incentive. This is critical to your online lead generation efforts.You need to give something to get something and it needs to be appropriate to your audience.What kinds of incentives? Free report or other valuable informationFree consultationCoupon/discountMusic, Audio or Video downloadWe have all sorts of ideas for how to build your list with incentives!
  • Strong Headline to catch their interest. You must have a call to action. Tell them to fill out your form in order to get what you have to offer. Fill in fields for information you are collecting – name, email, etc. Remember, the more info you ask for, the fewer conversions you’ll get. Advanced: You can further define your list by having options. Let them opt-in to otherlists that are of interest to them.Submit ButtonPrivacy Policy – we won’t share.Take advantage of the Thank you page to offer them something else or collect more info.
  • What you say to your audience is very important. Your message needs to be appropriate or you are going to have people opting out of your list. Don’t be too salesy. You can offer specials but be sure to provide value. Make the message count. I’m on one list that offers me a quote every day and then under that, they share one of their products or services. I get value out of the quote and if I’m interested in their offer, I have the option to buy that but I don’t feel pressured. Stay relevant. If they opt-in to a list on skin-care, don’t start talking to them about home safety.Some businesses may Personalize your messages with their first name (if you collected it) in either the subject line or the body. Test this on your audience. All the email services will show you how many people opened your message and clicked on your links. Many will offer split testing.
  • Consider sending out a series of tips on your most frequently asked questions. You may also want to include information that your readers should be thinking about but don’t know to ask.They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know…Send information that your readers should be thinking about but don’t know to ask.Frequency – Don’t send messages too frequently but don’t wait too long either. Neither daily or once every six months will do you any good. Set good expectations of frequency in your Welcome email
  • Monitor your open rate and your unsubscribe rate to give you an idea of what may need to be changed.Measure your conversion rate. If you have low conversions from your opt-ins, look to see where things are getting bottlenecked. Or create a new opt-in offer. Or change the headline/title.
  • This is also known as a membership area. Free the place where all your free offers are available. Deliver Opt-in “freebie”Offer additional informationOffer additional services and productsPaid Recurring revenueOffer additional services and productsUse to upsell and cross sell – think Amazon - you might also be interested in…
  • Today, we talked aboutLifetime Customer ValueWhy Follow Up?Legal IssuesYour Follow Up KeysThe MessageFollow-UpMonitor & MeasureLead Conversion Portal
  • Done For You! Call us and we’ll do it for youWe wouldn’t be good marketers if we didn’t let you know that we offer this service. Give us a call and together we’ll determine what you need and what it will cost. Do It Yourself…
  • Lots to learn! Contact us for a consultation to get you started.
  • See our website resources for links to other services we use and recommend. We appreciate it if you use our affiliate links which pay us a commission for our recommendations. You don’t pay any extra and may even get a discount with our link. We use that income to fund these types of educational webinars for you.Aweber (our favorite for broadcasting and autoresponders)1ShoppingCart (if you need e-commerce)InfusionSoft (if you need real business automation!)Phone Burner (for mass phoning)
  • Remember if you have any questions, get in touch with us. Here’s to your success with marketing your business online.Thank you for joining us today. See you on the next training.Stop Recording
  • We hope you will join us for future trainings such as:Setting Up Your Google Plus Local ListingBeyond Google: Bing, Yahoo Local and Citation SitesSetting Up Your Blog: WordPress BasicsContent That Attracts CustomersGetting Traffic to Your SiteIs Facebook Really For Business?Pinterest is now for Business, too!Why Your Business Needs to Get Found OnlineHow to Create an Effective WebsiteCheck back often on our website for registration information and also for the replay of this one, as well as other replays.
  • Find Your Follow Up Fortune!

    1. 1. How to Design aFollow Up CampaignCindy Morus Christine WoodPresented byChristine Wood andCindy Morus ofBizFinder LocalHelping LocalBusinesses get MoreBusiness!
    2. 2. 916-905-3438 2Fortune is in the Follow Up• Your Competitors are doing this• You already have a list ofcustomers/clients/donors/volunteers• Be top of mindYou’re leaving money on the table!Photo Credit:
    3. 3. 916-905-3438 3Overview• Lifetime Customer Value• Why Follow Up?• Legal Issues• Your Follow Up Keys• The Message• Follow-Up• Monitor & Measure• Lead Conversion Portal• Your TurnWe loveCustomers!
    4. 4. 916-905-3438 4Who Are We AndWhy Should You Listen to Us?• Business Owners, too• Help Local Businesses Get More Business• Spend many hours every week to stay currentwith online changes• Over 50 years of Marketing, Training andTechnology Automation
    5. 5. 916-905-3438 5Lifetime Customer Value• New customers = Highest Cost• Current Customers = recurring revenueCurrent Customers Profit Leaks PluggedCustomersAverage Sale $50 $55Average # of Purchases/year 8 8.8# of Customers 500 550Annual Revenue $200,000 $266,200Length of Customer Relationship 10 years 10 yearsLifetime Value of Customer $4,000 $4,840BizFinder Local’s Local Profit Leaks Report available
    6. 6. 916-905-3438 6Let’s Talk About Sales• #1 Failure Reason – No Sales Funnel• 48% Never Even Follow Up• Only 2% of Sales are made on firstcontact• Over 80% of Sales are made on Fifthcontact
    7. 7. 916-905-3438 7Why Follow Up?• Builds your Business• Builds your network ofreferral partners• Gets you testimonials and referrals• Allows you to target specific customersfor additional information and sales• Keeps you “top of mind”
    8. 8. 916-905-3438 8Why Follow Up?Gets your customersback in the door andIncreases LifetimeCustomer Value!
    9. 9. 916-905-3438 9Legal Issues First!• CAN-Spam• Don’t use your ownemail program!
    10. 10. 916-905-3438 10Your Follow Up Keys• Newsletter• Scheduled email messages• Broadcast email messages• Text messaging (scheduledor broadcast)• Telephone• Direct mail
    11. 11. 916-905-3438 11The Typical Sign-Up Box?
    12. 12. 916-905-3438 12Best Bet Sign-up Boxes
    13. 13. 916-905-3438 13Best Bet Sign-Up Boxes
    14. 14. 916-905-3438 14What Happens AfterThey Sign Up
    15. 15. 916-905-3438 15Autoresponders• Automated Messages you pre-enter• Based on Date you signed up• Drip out over time
    16. 16. 916-905-3438 16Autoresponders
    17. 17. 916-905-3438 17A Word About BroadcastsAnnouncing…!
    18. 18. 916-905-3438 182013 Newsletter Flow
    19. 19. 916-905-3438 19Email Messages SentThrough Your Follow Up Service• Regular newsletter.oWhat your business is “up to”oTips or other interesting information.oOffers of additional products andservicesoTestimonialsoCase Studies
    20. 20. 916-905-3438 20Email Messages SentThrough Your Follow Up Service• Announcements.oNew Products or ServicesoUpcoming EventsoSales or SpecialsoNew hires
    21. 21. 916-905-3438 21Email Messages SentThrough Your Follow Up Service• AutorespondersoSpecific Areas of Interest Educationand TipsoCase Studies/ExamplesoShowcase your ExpertiseoDevelop the RelationshipoAdditional products and services
    22. 22. 916-905-3438 22Email Messages SentThrough Your Follow Up Service• Targeted MessagesoPrevious purchasesoDemographic informationoInterest categories• Offer Additional products and services
    23. 23. 916-905-3438 23Text Messaging• Broadcast messages• Scheduled messages• The text message can be140 – 160 characters(like Twitter!)YourMessageHere:
    24. 24. 916-905-3438 24Text Messaging• Many types of businesses can use:o Restaurantso Movie theaterso Hair Salonso Clothing and Shoe Storeso Grocery Stores
    25. 25. 916-905-3438 25Text Messaging• Send a mass broadcast text to fill a cancellation.• Auto service shops can send out reminders for oilchanges.• Optometrists can send out messages for patients topurchase contact lenses.• Send out a message whenever it’s time for“repeat” orders
    26. 26. 916-905-3438 26Text Messaging• Work hand in hand with email campaigns.This increases your email open rate.• Increase the rate of attendance for onlineand local events.
    27. 27. 916-905-3438 27Phone and Direct Mail• Must have information in your database• “Do Not Call” List• Distinctive Direct Mail
    28. 28. 916-905-3438 28Co-Op Mailings• Work with other businessesto promote each other• Do NOT Share youremail list names!
    29. 29. 916-905-3438 29Co-Op• An appliance repair company maywant to work with an electrician andplumber.• A hair salon with a clothing boutiqueor spa
    30. 30. 916-905-3438 30Where to Collect Information?• Everywhere!• Your website• Back of your business card• Coupons• At your register• Networking• Display Tables• Social Media
    31. 31. 916-905-3438 31Building Your List• Free report or other valuable information• Free consultation• Coupon/discount• Music, Audio or Video
    32. 32. 916-905-3438 32What to Put On Your Optin Box• Strong Headline indicating ValuableInformation• Info fields• Opt-In Options• Submit Button• Privacy Policy• Call to Action
    33. 33. 916-905-3438 33Message Etiquette• Appropriate Messages• Not too sales-y• Provide ongoing Value and Expertise
    34. 34. 916-905-3438 34Message Etiquette• Tips on your most frequently asked questions.• They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know…• Frequency – Don’t send messages toofrequently but don’t wait too long either.
    35. 35. 916-905-3438 35Monitor & Measure• Monitor your open rate and yourunsubscribe rate• Measure your conversion rate.
    36. 36. 916-905-3438 36Advanced Strategy:Create a Lead Conversion Portal• Freeo Deliver Opt-in “freebie”o Offer additional informationo Offer additional services and products• Paido Recurring revenueo Offer additional services and products
    37. 37. 916-905-3438 37Recap• Lifetime Customer Value• Why Follow Up?• Legal Issues• Your Follow Up Keys• The Message• Follow-Up• Monitor & Measure• Lead Conversion Portal• Your Turn…
    38. 38. 916-905-3438 38Your Turn: 2 Choices• Done For You!• Call us and we’ll do it for you• Do It Yourself…
    39. 39. 916-905-3438 39Your Turn:• Sign up for a Follow Up Service• Create your own valuable freebie• Design your opt-in box• Post to your website• Write your follow up messages
    40. 40. 916-905-3438 40Your Turn:• Check out our opt-in free report: LocalProfit Leaks at• Look for opt-in boxes as you surf the web• Sign up for some and notice themessages• Frequency• Appropriateness• Sales offers
    41. 41. 916-905-3438 41Services We Use andRecommend• See our website resources for links to other serviceswe use and recommend.• Aweber (our favorite)• 1ShoppingCart (if you need e-commerce)• InfusionSoft (if you need real business automation!)• Phone Burner (for mass phoning)
    42. 42. Questions? Need Help?
    43. 43. 916-905-3438 43More Training atBusiness Up Your Google Plus Local ListingBeyond Google: Bing, Yahoo Local and Citation SitesSetting Up Your Blog: WordPress BasicsContent That Attracts CustomersGetting Traffic to Your SiteIs Facebook Really For Business?Pinterest is now for Business, too!Why Your Business Needs to Get Found OnlineHow to Create an Effective Website