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The “loaded cost” to retain employees can be as much as twice their salary! We can help you reduce that cost by a third or more. Our Creative Staffing Services will help you find the perfect talent—or provide a more affordable way to keep the talent you’ve already got.

Enjoy the reliable services of exceptional professionals for short- or long-term assignments including:

Production Specialists
Web Developers
Project Managers
Campaign Managers

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Sprocket Specialist Staffing eBook

  1. 1. C U T T H E C O S T . K E E P T H E T A L E N T. S P E C I A L I S T S TA F F I N G S E R V I C E S
  2. 2. About Clients 15 years. Onboarding Unexpected thinking. Program Options Unwavering focus. Process Contact For nearly two decades, Sprocket Media has helped some of the world’s largest and most respected brands reach their customer, grow their market share, and increase sales. Our TransMarketing approach to customer-centric marketing and strategic staffing helps you align everything, forget nothing, and put your arms around your customer in a surprising, ABOUT compelling way. We have special expertise onboarding for staffing projects when you have undermanned departments, or are constrained by a hiring freeze. Sprocket devises innovative staffing solutions that help you find, and keep, shining stars. It’s a smart, affordable way to contract the professional talent you need for short or long-term marketing communications, software development, or IT infrastructure assignments without adding employees to your payroll. Sprocket Media was founded in 1995 on a philosophy of teamwork. We always: > Work as an extension of your company > Operate with transparency and honesty > Know your business, backwards and forwardssprocketmedia.com
  3. 3. About Clients Onboarding Satisfied clientele Program Options We have enjoyed successful long-term relationships with our clients, providing our core services of Process Specialist Staffing, Media Sales, Creative Studios and Social Media. Some of our past and current clients include: Contact Chief Executive Magazine Dell Deloitte EMC CLIENTS Fujitsu HCL Hewlett Packard IBM Intel Microsoft Certified Professional NetSuite Oracle PricewaterhouseCoopers The Institute of Health and Productivitysprocketmedia.com
  4. 4. About Clients Rotate 360 degrees. Onboarding See your team’s potential. Program Options Plug in. Process Contact Specific Skill Sets The “loaded cost” to retain employees can be as much as twice their salary! We can help you reduce that cost by a third or more. Our Specialist Staffing Ser- vices will help you find the perfect talent—or provide a more affordable way ONBOARDING to keep the talent you’ve already got. Our team of Specialists (technical writers, copywriters, designers, web producers, production and traffic managers, software developers and programmers, and IT professionals) come from Fortune 500 companies and leading advertising agencies. If you would like to work with a specific individual, Sprocket can take them on as an employee (a Sprocket Specialist). You get to set their rate. You can have them work on-site. You get the benefits of an employer-employee relationship without the responsibilities or overhead costs of maintaining an employee. Of course, you still retain the right to terminate service at any time should you be dissatisfied with an individual’s performance.sprocketmedia.com
  5. 5. About Clients Onboarding Program Options New Specialist Setup Options Process We offer the following program options: Contact W-2 Traditional Includes traditional employee benefits: workers’ comp, mandatory withholdings, healthcare options (choice of medical, dental and vision) as well as 401(k) and FSA plans. Fee: 40% of annual earnings. PROGRAM W-2 Flex Includes mandatory withholdings and workers’ comp. Healthcare options may be purchased at the Specialist’s expense if they work 30 or more hours per week. OPTIONS 401(k) and FSA plans are also available, with no minimum hours requirement. Fee: 25% of annual earnings. 1099 Contractor Sprocket provides all the tools necessary to manage relationships with freelancers or Independent Contractors, resulting in efficient and cost-effective streamlining of the talent you need while mitigating risk. As Independent Contractors, they would be liable for their own tax withholdings and benefits. Our process includes: > On/Off-Boarding process for 1099 Independent Contractors and sub-vendors > Contract management and SOW/PO admin > Fast, efficient Contractor payment processing > Year-end 1099 processing Fee: 15% of annual earnings.sprocketmedia.com
  6. 6. About Clients Onboarding Lower costs. Better new-hire Program Options Fewer steps. Process Contact The Process Is Easy You supply some basic information such as hourly rate, length of project (we’ll include PROCESS all the information in an email to you); at the same time, we contact the specialist to get a background check started, then proceed with the rest of the paperwork. This process takes about two weeks. Based on the information you provide, Sprocket emails you a cost estimate and you open a PO. We’ll also include information about requesting badges, phones, and internal network access. Once your PO has been approved, the Specialist will have returned their new-hire documents and signed a contract. They’re ready for work!sprocketmedia.com
  7. 7. About Clients Onboarding Program Options Process Contact We’re Here for You: For additional information, or to implement our services, please contact: Sprocket Headquarters 600 South Lake Avenue, Suite 408 Pasadena, CA 91106 626.396.9414 Eastern U.S. Office 330 Grix Court New Milford, NJ 07646 CONTACT www.sprocketmedia.com Steve Branda steve.branda@sprocketmedia.com Jennifer Armstrong Office: 201.483.7871 jennifer.armstrong@sprocketmedia.com Mobile: 201.280.7422 Office: 626.396.9414 Mobile: 650.787.0427 John Kennedy John.kennedy@sprocketmedia.com Office: 626.396.9414 Mobile: 415.225.5952sprocketmedia.com
  8. 8. s p r oc ketme d i a . c omI N N O VAT E Y O U R T H I N K I N G > I N T E G R AT E Y O U R C H A N N E L S > C A P T I VAT E Y O U R A U D I E N C E Copyright © 2012 Sprocket Media Inc. All rights reserved. Sprocket Media™ is a trademark of Sprocket Media Inc.