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Wisconsin Underground Railroad


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By a fourth grade student

Published in: Education
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Wisconsin Underground Railroad

  1. 1. by Kaylin
  2. 2. Caroline was born in 1826 in Missouri. Caroline’s mother was a slave and her father was a slave owner. .
  3. 3. The day she decided to run away Mrs. Hall (her slave owner) cut Caroline’s curly hair because she was mad at Caroline. When Caroline wanted to run away she told Mrs. Hall that she wanted to visit a sick friend. She packed her things and ran away.
  4. 4.  When Caroline got her ticket for her to ride the ship she went to a group of girls because she had a plan. The plan was that if she stayed by the girls people would think she was with them.  In the next few days a man had told Caroline that she wasn’t safe staying in Alton. So Caroline got a ticket to go to Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  5. 5.  When Caroline reached Milwaukee she knew none of the people there. She asked herself many questions such as where would she stay. A man approached her and introduced himself as Robert Titball and asked her if she needed help. Caroline felt like she could trust Robert with anything
  6. 6.  Meanwhile, back in St. Louis Mrs. Hall realized Caroline was gone. They were furious. “Who would do Caroline’s work now?” The riverboat company hired a lawyer that had a Bloodhound following Caroline’s trail.  Caroline hid from the slave hunters by hiding in barrels and hiding in houses such as Samuel Brown and Lucinda Duagherty’s. 
  7. 7.  One day the slave hunters knocked on a door where Caroline was hiding. The men demanded to know where Caroline hiding. Lucinda told them, “No good person would want a 16 year old.”
  8. 8.  Medall was a farmer helping Caroline run away, but, he was getting old and taking her to Canada was to risky for him. Edward Dyer wrote a letter to all freedom- loving people in Wisconsin and Canada to help Caroline. Lots of people hid Caroline and finally she reached Canada.  When Caroline was older she got a job and learned how to read. Caroline married Allen and had six children. There were three girls and three boys.  Today, Caroline’s children still live in Ontario, Canada. Her grandchildren remember the stories about Caroline. .