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The wright brothers


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2nd Grade project

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The wright brothers

  1. 1. By Seth
  2. 2. Early life  The Wight brothers were born in Dayton Ohio
  3. 3. Childhood  When they were young their father gave them a helicopter toy. They made different small models and made them bigger when they worked. Orville told his 2nd grade teacher he was going to make a flying machine.
  4. 4. Major event in Adulthood  The Wright brothers owned a bike shop but they were very interested in flying. They first built gliders that they could fly like kites.
  5. 5. Major event in Adulthood  They had to learn to control the gliders. Wilbur noticed how a box twisted and that gave him an idea for how to steer the glider.
  6. 6. Major event in Adulthood  In 1900, they let a person fly in their glider. They had lots of crashes but were not hurt.
  7. 7. How did they change the World?  They invented the airplane and successfully flew it in 1903. The farthest they flew the first day was 852 feet. Click here for a video about the Wright Brothers