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Ringling Brothers


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Ringling Brothers Circus history.

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Ringling Brothers

  1. 1. The Ringling Brothers By Eli
  2. 2. Childhood In the year 1869, there were seven Ringling brothers Al was 16, Gus was 15, Otto was 11, Alf T., was 6, Charles was 4, John was 3, and Henry was less than a year old. Al, Gus, and Otto worked in their father’s harness making shop.
  3. 3. Childhood At the age of 10, the boys started working for their father. In the shop they made leather harnesses, buggy whips, and horse collars. The boys helped by cutting large pieces of leather into more narrow strips. They also decorated horse drawn carriages.
  4. 4. Teen years When they were older the boys had a small circus in a barn.Their circus had a couple of kittens, some dogs, several cats, and a bull frog. Al could make a whole meal while walking across a tightrope. He could also balance a breaking plow on his chin, which weighed 70 lbs.
  5. 5. Circus Years By the time they started the Ringling Brothers Circus, Al was 29,Gus was 28, Otto 24, Alf T. 18 and John 16.
  6. 6. World Famous Circus In the year 1890, their menagerie included enough exotic animals to fill 30 animal cages.Their circus also had 107 horses and ponies.
  7. 7. Circus World Museum The Ringling Brothers were important in Wisconsin. Now there is a museum for them in Baraboo, WI.