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Johnny appleseed


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Second Grade project

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Johnny appleseed

  1. 1. By Adi
  2. 2. Early Life Johnny Appleseed was born on September 26, 1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts.
  3. 3. Childhood Johnny lived in a small house with 11 brothers and sisters, so he liked to be outside and spent time in the woods and by the river.
  4. 4. Major event in adulthood When he was a young man he moved to Ohio. He noticed that apple cores were thrown away after apple cider was made. He thought he could get them for free and take them to the pioneers in the west so they could plant them..
  5. 5. Major event in adulthood Johnny went to Pennsylvania and planted an apple orchard. He sold apples and seeds. He got seeds from cider mills and made an orchard in Ohio.
  6. 6. Major event in adulthood Other settlers in Ohio wanted to buy seedlings ( Baby trees ) from Johnny to start their own orchards. He also grew orchards in other states like Indiana.
  7. 7. How he Changed the World Johnny Appleseed started a lot of orchards in the United States and sold lots of apple trees to settlers.
  8. 8. Interesting Things about Him Johnny Appleseed always walked around bare footed and he made his clothes out of coffee bean sacks.