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Caroline quarlls


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Caroline Quarlls was the first slave to use the Underground Railroad

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Caroline quarlls

  1. 1. and the underground railroad Caroline Quarlls By Joelle
  2. 2. Childhood Caroline Quarlls was born in Missouri in 1826. She and her mother were slaves. Caroline’s father was robert Pryor Quarlls. He was a slave owner . In his will it said that Caroline would be given to his own sister, Mrs. Charles Hall .
  3. 3. Teen Years When she was 16 her mother and sister died, but she also had a grandmother , whom she lived with, and a stepfather . Her stepfather was a free man. he worked as a blacksmith and sometimes made silver jewelry for Caroline. One day mrs. hall, her owner, was very angry. she took a scissors and cut Caroline’s hair. Caroline couldn’t stop her because she was a slave. That was when she decided to run away.
  4. 4. Her Greatest Accomplishments Caroline’s greatest accomplishment was probably making it to Canada. She was one one of the first slaves to use the underground railroad.
  5. 5. Caroline as an Inspiration Caroline blazed a trail that many runaway slaves would follow. She was one of the first slaves to use the underground railroad.
  6. 6. About the Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad really wasn’t underground. It was a network of safe houses and hiding spots that helped slaves on their way to Northern states or to Canada, where slavery was illegal .
  7. 7. ● Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson proved that tomatoes are not poisonous on September 28th 1820. ● The first reported bank robbery in US. history happened on March 19th 1831. ● Wisconsin became a state in 1848. ● Michigan became a state in 1837. ● In 1858, Minnesota became a state. ● In 1848, gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in California which started the Gold Rush.