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After the Rain by Matthew


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A presentation by a second grade student about the book,"After the Rain."

Published in: Education
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After the Rain by Matthew

  1. 1. AFTER THE RAIN by Matthew
  2. 2. EARLY LIFE Ginny was born in Gettysburg. She was born around 1855 - 1856
  3. 3. BACK GROUND It was very sad and heartbreaking. The Civil War was going on.
  4. 4. CHARACTERS Ginny – She is a girl that moved from Gettysburg to Washington D. C. and was very poor. She only had a Dad and was jealous of how rich the Porter family was. The Lincoln Family. Abraham Lincoln is the President and Tad is his son. Ginny really wants to meet the president.
  5. 5. THE MAIN PROBLEM IN THE BOOK During this time people were still slaves time. She wanted President Lincoln to change this.
  6. 6. MAJOR EVENT Virginia’s Pa played and instrument in the Ford Theater and that is where President Lincoln was shot.
  7. 7. MAJOR EVENT She was sad because Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theater.
  8. 8. WHAT WAS THE MOST INTERESTING THING ABOUT GINNY She moved from Gettysburg to Washington D.C. during the Civil War and Jane Ellen had a baby named Abraham Lincoln Dickens. He was named after a president and a writer.