La Belle Dame sans Merci


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Ballad by John Keats

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La Belle Dame sans Merci

  1. 1. La Belle Dame sans Merci Presented by: BITANGCOR, Cindy B. MANAN, Almera O.The AutorStorylineThe Poem’s InspirationForm and StyleInterpretation
  2. 2. John Keats (1795-1821)Oct 31, 1795John Keats Borned1802Brother Died1803Started SchoolApr 16, 1804Father Died
  3. 3. 1805 Oct 1816Mother Disappeared Becomes Serious About Poetry1809Mother Returns Dec 1816 Left MedicineMar 1810Mother Died Mar 3, 1817 First Poems Published1811Left School Jul 1818 Walking Tour1815Starts Medical School
  4. 4. Nov 28, 1818 Jul 1820Finishes Endymion Final Poems PublishedDec 1, 1818 Sep 17, 1820Brother Died Sails for Italy1819 Feb 23, 1821Meets Fanny Brawne John Keats died.Feb 3, 1820Tuberculosis Appeared
  5. 5. John Keats (1795-1821) • • Son of a stablekeeper and associating with artists • raised inamong themLondon writers, Moorfields, Leigh • attended the Clarke School infirst Hunt, who published Keatss Enfield • Richard in his journal, theof Keats poems Abbey took care Examiner • traveled to Italy in 1820 in an effort • and his three younger siblings first symptoms of tuberculosis to improve his health • • fell in love with Fanny Thomass entered Guys and St. Brawne • died in Rome the following year at • Hospitals inLamia, Isabella, The an final work, London, becoming Eve the age of 25 apothecary inand Other continuing of St. Agnes, 1816 and his studies to become a his famous Poems, which included surgeon • odes and 21 ( unfinished at age of the free of Abbeys jurisdiction) narrative, Hyperion: A Fragment
  6. 6. La Belle Dame sans Merci• There are two versions of this very famous ballad first version- original manuscript second version- first published form• Original version is found in a letter to Keatss brother, George, and dated Weds 21 April 1819• First published in the Indicator on 10 May 1820
  7. 7. La Belle Dame sans Merci written in 1819 and published the next year depicts a knight-at-arms who has been seduced and abandoned by a capricious fairy recounts the experience of loving dangerously and fully, of remaining loyal to that love despite warnings to the contrary, and of suffering the living death of one who has glimpsed immortality At the beginning and end of the poem, the knight remains on "a cold hills side," a world devoid of happiness or beauty, waiting for his love to return.
  8. 8. The Story I met a lady in the meads Full beautiful, a faerys child; Her hair was long, her foot was light, And her eyes were wild. And there she lulled me asleep, And Ithere Iadreamd-Ah! woe betide! made garland for her head,O what braceletsthee, knight at zone; can ail dream I ever dreamd And latest too, and fragrant The arms, Meeting of the knight Alone and cold hills side. love, She lookd at me asloitering? On the palely she didThe sedge is witherd moan. the lake, And made sweet from and pale kings, sing. steed, too, I saw the unknown And no birds and princes The knight’s story here, Pale warriors, onis why I sojourn all; I set her death-pale were they And this my pacing speakerandshe bend,sans sing They cried-"Laelse saw all day long, And nothing TheAlonethee,thrall!" at arms, ail belle dameO what candreampalely loitering, For sidelong would knight and merci SoThough A thee insong. witherd from the Hath and so haggard faerys woe-begone? the sedge is The squirrels granary is full, saw their starvd lake, Ending I She found me rootslips in the gloam of relish sweet, And the harvests done. dew, With horridwild, birds sing. And no and gaped And honey warningmanna wide, And sure in language strangeme here And I awoke, and found she said- I see the cold hills side. On Ia lilythee thy brow love on true.With anguish moist and fever dew, She took me to her elfin grot, And on thyshe wept, and sighed rose And there cheeks a fading deep, And there I shut hertoo. sad eyes Fast withereth wild So kissed to sleep
  9. 9. Form and StyleLa Belle Dame Sans Merci is divided into twelvefour-line stanzas, called quatrains.O wh a t / c a n a i l /t h e ek ni ght / a t a r m s ,/ AAl one / a n d p a l e /l yl o i /t e r i n g ? / BTh e s e dge / i s w i t h /e r df r o m/ t h e l a k e /, CAn d no/ b i r d s s i n g /. B
  10. 10. Figures of Speech A l o n e a n d p a l e l yl o i t e r i n g (l i n e 2): a l l i t e r a t i o n l i l y o n t h y b r o w (l i n e 9): me t a p h o r , c o m p a r i n g t h e k n i g h t s p a l e n e s s t o t h e h u e o f a l i l y An d o n t h y c h e e k s a f a d i n g r o s e (l i n e 11): m e t a p h o r , c o mp a r i n g t h e c o l o r o f h i s c h e e k s t o t h e c o l o r o f a r o s e . F u l l b e a u t i f ul, a f a e r y s c h i l d (l i n e 14): a l l i t e r a t i o n . r oots of r elish, s ighed full s o r e (l i n e 25): a l l i t e r a t i on . A n d there . . . (lines 30, 31, 33, 34): a n a p h o r a
  11. 11. ThemesLo v e —u n r e q u i t e d l o v eNa t ur eDe s pa i rTh e Supe r na t ur a l
  12. 12. The Poem’s Inspiration
  13. 13. Interpretationa poem about Life and Death.a comment on Love and Loyaltya poem about unfulfilled hope and promise— of love and desire, of ideals, hopes, dreams, expectations
  14. 14. Media Adaptationpopular subject for the Pre-Raphaelite paintersSir Anthony Hughes /John William Waterhouse/Frank Cadogan Cowper/Henry Maynell RheamSir Frank Dicksee Walter Crane
  15. 15. Media Adaptations A reading of "La Belle Dame sans Merci" is available on a compact disc called Conversation Pieces, released in 2001 by Folkways Records. A compact disc named Songs, released in 2001 on the Hyperion label, has a version of "La Belle Dame sans Merci" set to music and sung by Sir Charles Villiers Stanford. The 1996 two-cassette set The Caedmon Collection of English Poetry features various poetic masterpieces, including "La Belle Dame sans Merci," Sir Ralph Richardson reads "La Belle Dame sans Merci" on a 1996 Caedmon audiocassette release called The Poetry of Keats. HighBridge Co. of St. Paul, Minnesota, includes "La Belle Dame sans Merci" on John Keats, Poet, a reading of Keatss poems by Douglas Hodge released on audiocassette in 1996 Listen Library Inc. included "La Belle Dame sans Merci" on its 1989 audiocassette, The Essential Keats. A 1963 LP recording from Spoken Arts Records entitled Robert Donat Reads Favorite Poems at Home includes the famous actors rendition of "La Belle Dame sans Merci.“ Lexington Records released a recording of Theodore Marcuse reading "La Belle Dame sans Merci" produced in 1950