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We proudly offer customized internet marketing solutions to meet your specific needs. These include: building brand awareness, designing and building websites, creating and marketing videos, writing press releases and producing other copy writing text and printed materials. We assist businesses of all sizes in increasing online visibility and expanding their overall growth. Our team of SEO experts work with our clients to get ahead of their competition. Through our intensive campaigns, we can help give your business a competitive edge! We are so Confident that we can rank your business on the first page of Google Locally that we offer a Money Back Guarantee!

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  • Branch Out Online Marketing

    1. 1. Infinite Possibilities SEOCreating a Positive Impact to your Bottom Line.
    2. 2. What is SEO?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of asite in a search engine’s “natural or unpaid” search results. SEO helps your siterise to the top of search engines without paying for additional online ads that areextremely expensive! In addition, our research has discovered 70% of Internetusers are more likely to click on organic links over paid ads.SEO is basically a word game SEO experts play with the search engines. Forexample, SEO keyword experts will find keywords based on your business niche,analyze them, check out how your competitors use them, organize them, sortthem, prioritize them, and then create a keyword formula that delivers meaning tothe search engines and attracts paying visitors to your site.But thats just half of it! SEO also requires knowledge in coding, contentmanagement systems, web server software, and machine learning. Keywordscombined with this list of skills help us deliver search engines the message youwant visitors to receive.
    3. 3. SEO Strategies are based on:  Research and Keyword Analysis  Competitive Analysis  Website Analysis and Suggestion  Content Optimization  Social Media Development  Local Search and Map Submissions  Search Engine Submissions  Link Building for 2012  Video Optimization  Google Analytics
    4. 4. Competitive AnalysisDo you know which of yourcompetitors is currently usingyour desired keywords? How many companies are youcompeting with for the sametraffic?What is your competitiondoing? Are they missingopportunities on which youcan capitalize?Are they doing something youcan do better?
    5. 5. Keyword ResearchThe first step in SEO and other search marketing strategies is to identify thebest possible keywords your target audience is using to find products orservices. Proper keyword research is critical to online success. We combinecompetitive industry research with trends and habits of those searching foryour products to generate keywords for optimization. The keywords we useare specific and relevant to the products, services, or information yourcompany provides. Our SEO keywords research team will help you choosethe right keywords that will convert visitors into paying customers allowingyour site to rank highly on search engines leading to more website traffic.
    6. 6. Website Analysis & OptimizationEvaluating your website will allow us to find the blocks in youron-page elements (architecture, content, web server). Findingthese blocks will enable us to quickly eliminate them so yourwebsite can start receiving increased traffic.
    7. 7. Content Revision & Optimization Our team of keyword experts will review and professionally revise your site content so that it is semantically relevant to your target keywords. Changes will range from minor to major, but the end result is a site that will convert your visitors into customers at a higher ratio.
    8. 8. Social Media OptimizationYour companys participation in social media is now being heavilyweighted in Googles ranking software, which means that what--andhow--you post, tweet, like, or comment, on sites like Facebook andTwitter is capable of impacting rankings for your websites mostimportant keywords.
    9. 9. Local Search SubmissionsGet Listed! Get Found!
    10. 10. Search Engine Submissions Google is the Leader in this Space!!
    11. 11. Get on the 1st pg of Google Places in less than 1 month!Local Search has been on a demanding increase due to the personalized locationbase search featured on desktops, laptops, smart phones, and tablets. As trendschange people change, and now people look for local online services and read onlinereviews posted by customers before buying as it is safer doing business this way.Map and local search optimization allow you and your company to be included inlocal business listings. Google is the leader in this space! Google Places allows youto showcase all your business features and competitive strengths: products,services, and hours of operation, brands, and specialties.
    12. 12. Get on Google Maps and DOUBLEyour presence on the 1st pg!
    13. 13. Video Marketing Optimization Benefits of Marketing Videos Online:  Promote your online business visually  Boost sales of existing products or services  Increase traffic to your websiteVideo Marketing is a powerful tool  Increase time visitors spendto broadcast your business message on your sitefor a worldwide online audience  Advertise services and products in multi-media networks
    14. 14. Links & Google AnalyticsThanks to sophisticated search enginereporting, data can be sliced and dicedto evaluate key data points .We will make the most of your SEOcampaign by closely studying yourwebsite analytics to ensureappropriate changes and updates aremade to increase your search enginerank..Our team will study relevant metricsand data related to your specific sitesto determine keyword performance.Once complete, we will provide theinitial setup and as a bonus will offerprofessional consultation andrecommendations on how to improveyour organic search engine campaign.
    15. 15. Online Marketing Analytics  This package provides comprehensive (premium level) search engine optimization services which include an assessment of your business goals and how to improve your website’s customer touch points to meet your goals.  This analysis provides the foundation for your SEO, not only achieving page one rankings, but increasing site conversions through behavioral targeting, A/B split testing, and multivariate tests.  Project initializations can optionally be front-loaded, whereas we add additional time at the beginning of your SEO campaign to optimize your website’s source code, file structures, naming conventions, and more for all the major search engines.
    16. 16. MONTHLY SEO RANKING REPORTS One of the benefits you’ll get while working with us is a regular report, filling you in on wherever your business is showing up in search results. The report is compiled in an easy-to-read format and we are always available to explain anything you may not understand. We don’t want you wondering about how your campaign is going. We want you to have peace of mind knowing how your campaign is going.
    17. 17. STARTER SEO PACKAGE  This package is for companies who know they need to start search engine optimization, but haven’t.  We primarily work with your existing website, growing your search engine rankings through basic SEO practices.
    18. 18. Content Writing ServicesSEO Content Creation Website Content Optimized  SEO Blog Post SEO Article SEO Content Edition SEO Press Releases About Us, Bio, Business Description