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  1. 1. WATERYour reading/viewing guide for this unit
  2. 2. And now we begin looking at theparts, the pieces of the systems Water: Our most important system
  3. 3. But FIRST, Let’s do a check in.How are you feeling? What is going on with you today? Are you ready to learn??? I hope so….. I am.Are you coming over to my house? You’re invited!
  4. 4. Do you know what’s next? Can you remember the pattern? YEAH!The best of last week: patterns Click here to post! HERE!
  5. 5. To get into the spirit of WATER, I want you to smell. Close your eyes if you want to. Walking along the ocean Swimming at Chena Hot Springs Pumping water out of the tundra to drink Are there other places where you’vesmelled a certain water smell before?
  6. 6. The Water Cycle PLEASE SING IT! :-) HERE Incase you forgot 4th grade. But the water cycle is changing.BlueGold snippet 1, This movie: Blue Gold isBlueGold snippet 2, also very good if you want to watch it. It’s notBlueGold snippet 3, required though.
  7. 7. If you haven’t been following the troubles the oceans are in, and even if you have been, please read Post Carbon Institute Reader, chapter 7 And watch A Sea Change IF you can. At least watch the trailer.Make sure you are taking notes. It’s sure easier than going back to remember what you learned.
  8. 8. So what can you do about it? “Slow it, Spread it, Sink it” Read this article on Rainwater Harvesting:You COULD build a rain garden. See Anchorage’s plan here
  9. 9. You can make water usage more efficient in your homeRead this article on Grey Water
  10. 10. You could build a constructed wet landRead this article!
  11. 11. Or you could set up a sand filter Read this article!
  12. 12. If you live on a steep slope like I do….. this article on KeyLinePlanning is for you to read. Please read it even if you are a flat lander!
  13. 13. You noticed in Yeomans scale that water is the 3rd hardest thing to change. This video will blow your mind. It’s really fascinating.Geoff Lawton is a very famous permaculturist!
  14. 14. So how do we do that here in Alaska? This video is about Oregon
  15. 15. Here’s pictures of Kira andNeil Wagner’s pond in Homer. It’s very similar to the Oregon video.
  16. 16. Another great paperSkim this----unless you are really
  17. 17. Your last reading Pamphlet #11 in the Mollison/Jeeves Curriculum hand-out
  18. 18. Now it’s your turn Find your favorite GreyWater System on You Tube and post the link in the comment box with an explanation of why it’s your favorite.
  19. 19. Fairly easy reading/viewing this week! Cool beans! Don’t forget to go over and post your notes ofthese readings/viewings to your Personal Blog
  20. 20. When you are ready….. POST your synopsis on the CLASS BLOG! I’ll see you over at theThank you in Inupiat UNIT 3 Week 1 assignmentIf I spelled it right. page