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*Unit2 week2lecture10


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*Unit2 week2lecture10

  1. 1. The overbeck jet• So you have a flow and suddenly it’s blocked. Why would you ever use an overbeck jet pattern?• Is there really a need for a blocking/holding pattern?Jot your ideas in the comment box.
  2. 2. I hope that stretched your imagination some. • If not, go back and do it again! :-) They say that the last 5 ideas are always the best. :-) • And then take a break!IF YOU ARE REALLY STUCK, YOU CAN SEE MY ANSWERSHERE!
  3. 3. If you are enamored by patterns…..• Here’s another slide show called“Pattern Understanding” by Doug Crouch.• Click HERE.(This is strictly optional)
  4. 4. Are you tired of patterns yet?• This is another great one, IF you have time.• It’s called “Patterns, Pattern Application and Edge” by Bear Kaufman• CLICK HERE!