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  1. 1. Spiral Application Advantage goes to The right-handed defender coming down the stairs, Rather than the right-handed invader coming up. Source
  2. 2. Branched ApplicationSource
  3. 3. LobedApplication The better to hear each other!
  4. 4. Web or Net Application For collecting. In time I imagine that hedge to be filled with little birds.
  5. 5. Scatter Application To slow down the chickens eating and competing for food. Source
  6. 6. Wave Pattern Application • Slowing down the traffic in the garden.Source
  7. 7. Holon ApplicationThe holon pattern is the same pattern nested into a bigger one.It is used as a growth pattern--it spreads.I couldn’t find a better picture----I hope BOA doesn’t spread! Source
  8. 8. Overbeck Jet Application Snow Fence Theory - The theory behind snow fence is really pretty simple. A properly designed and built snow fence will cause snow to drift down wind of it. An eddy will form behind the fence line whenever the wind passes over it, causing a rolling wind current that flows downward and to the back side of the fence. This formation will cause fast and slow places to develop in the wind which makes a drift form in front of the fence on the windward side. A well designed snow fence can both prevent snow from drifting where it is not wanted and retain snow where it is Barrow desired. SourceNote: if you DON’T want drifts to develop,make sure your fence is permeability, make surethere is 2/3 space in your fence.
  9. 9. General Core Model • Traffic slows here and then speeds up again after the narrowing. Source Side note:Some say humanity is entering the narrow partof the general core model.Why do you think they believe that?