Praying under the catholic umbrella


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2008 National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry Session on providing diverse prayer experiences for youth.

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Praying under the catholic umbrella

  1. 1. Praying Under theCatholic Umbrella Facilitated Discussion at 2008 NCCYM in Cleveland With Cindee Case
  2. 2. Introduction Objectives:Ground rules: --identify a variety of• Respect the person religious expressions speaking accepted in the Roman• Invite participation of Catholic Church everyone in your --Consider benefits of group presenting teens with a• Allow the mic to pick number of prayer options up your comments --Reflect on how the minister’s personal spirituality impacts the ministry
  3. 3. Your Starting Point• How would you describe your preferred prayer style(s)?• What is your favorite way to pray?• Where are your favorite places to pray?• When are your favorite times to pray?
  4. 4. Remembering your Teen Years• List prayer experiences you recall from your youth(consider the ages of theyoung people with whom you serve)• What were they?• Where were they?• Did you like or dislike? • Why?
  5. 5. Consider JUST music…• Country Folk• Rap• Classical Opera• Gospel Bluegrass• Top 40 Techno• Alternative• Hip hop Grunge• Disco Do WopWhat styles feed your soul? 80’s
  6. 6. 1st small group Quickly introduce yourself (name, parish/school/agency, and diocese)• Start brainstorming prayer styles on newsprint• Feel free to pull from your personal prayer styles from now and your experiences as a teen.
  7. 7. A Variety of Prayer Styles under the Catholic Umbrella“The Gospels message is too rich to be contained within one paradigm.”(E. Schillebeeckx) Gregorian chant Journaling CCM Nature Walks Praise Taize’ Meditation Petition Busy-Person’s retreat Grace Before Meals Stations of the Cross Centering Prayer Eucharistic Liturgy Holy Hours Penance Services Rosary Liturgy of the Hours Prayer & Praise Nights Small Christian Communities Charismatic Prayer Group Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Online Prayer Boards Spiritual Reading Monastic retreats Campus Prayer Rallies Labyrinth Walks Contemplation Live of the Saints Music Ministry Online retreats Prayer Partners Novenas Adoration Liturgical Movement Pilgrimage Lectio Dainvia Bible Studies Readings of the Day Witnessing Parish Mission (Created by Cindee Case 2005)
  8. 8. More reflection• How are you currently praying with young people?• What are you teaching them about spirituality?• Looking back on the first reflection questions, as you described your prayer style – what things are the teens learning from you?• Are there other styles that you may need to invite other people in to lead?
  9. 9. Prayer and the Catechism• Part 4 of the CCC is all on prayer, sections 2558 – 2865.• Lists and describes 5 forms of prayer: – Blessing and Adoration (2626 - 2628) – Petition (2629 – 2633) – Intercession (2634 – 2636) – Thanksgiving (2637 – 2638) – Praise (2639 – 2643)
  10. 10. Catechism and Prayer continued• Gives examples of the Way of Prayer: – To the Father – To Jesus – To the Holy Spirit – In Communion with Mary – (sect. 2664 – 2679)
  11. 11. Catechism and Prayer continued• 3 Expressions of Prayer – Vocal: We are body and spirit, and we experience the need to translate our feelings externally. We must pray with our whole being … (sect. 2702) – Meditation: The mind seeks to understand the why and how of the Christian life, in order to adhere to what the Lord is asking… (sect. 2705) – Contemplation: …is the prayer of the child of God, of the forgiven sinner who agrees to welcome the love by which he is loved and wants to respond to it by loving even more…(it is) the poor and humble surrender to the loving will of the Father…(sect. 2712).
  12. 12. Catechism and Prayer continued===================================Even addresses difficulties to prayer – distraction dryness lack of faith feeling as not being heard.=================================== “Prayer and Christian life are INSEPERABLE” (sect. 2745)
  13. 13. Christian Spirituality invites us to deepen our appreciation ofthe sacredness of ordinary life and to see that our regular routine of work and family lifecontains countless opportunities for spiritual transformation… Wilkie Au & Noreen Cannon. Urgings of the Heart: A Spirituality of Integration. Paulist Press, 1995.
  14. 14. Worship enables us toremember a God who holds us in the palm of his hands, a God who molds and shapes usas a potter shapes the clay…a God who never forgets sothat we can always remember. Gregory Klein & Robert Wolfe. Pastoral Foundations of the Sacraments: A Catholic Perspective. Paulist Press, 1998.
  15. 15. In order to sustainyourself in faith you must regularly (most would say daily)spend an extended periodof time in private prayer…Ronald Rolheiser. The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality. Doubleday, 1999.
  16. 16. “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing.In all circumstances give thanks,For this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thes. 5: 16 – 18a)