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Mobile CPQ for Highly Engineered Custom Products


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Learn how to win more business, operate efficiently and deliver as promised using Cincom CPQ.

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Mobile CPQ for Highly Engineered Custom Products

  1. 1. Mobile CPQ for Highly Engineered Custom Products
  2. 2. Global leader in enterprise software for manufacturers since 1968 Deep industry expertise Products • Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) • ERP for Manufacturing • Customer Communications • Application Development Who Is Cincom? Customers in Over 60 Countries 18 Offices in 14 Countries
  3. 3. No company has ever shrunk itself to greatness. - Peter Drucker SALES EFFECTIVENESS
  4. 4. Increase Acquisition of New Customers Enhance Customer Experience Increase Sales Revenues Increase Customer Satisfaction CRM Survey − Top 10 CRM Objectives in U.S. Enhance Cross-sell or Up-sell of Products and Services
  5. 5. Customers are 70% through the buying process before they talk to you User experiences that drive business results Deployment choice and mobility 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience Just a 3% improvement in order accuracy = 1% improvement in profits Get the RIGHT product and get the product RIGHT Better experience All channels Better outcomes How to Drive Sales Effectiveness
  7. 7. PRODUCTS&SERVICES DELIVERY PROCESS (Channels) High Value & Limited Delivery High Value & Great Delivery Limited Value & Great Delivery
  8. 8. It’s not what you sell … it’s how you sell!
  9. 9. High Value & Limited Delivery Limited Value & Great Delivery PRODUCTS&SERVICES CHANNELS CPQ tools • Single business unit • Single product line • Single channel • Single device Intelligent Selling Platform • Multiple business units • Multiple product lines • Multiple channels • Multiple devices
  10. 10. Sales speed without a better user experience that results in better outcomes only gets you nowhere faster.
  11. 11. Systems of Record • CRM • ERP • Training • HR Systems of Engagement • Selling Systems • Email • Websites • Social
  12. 12. Expert Knowledge in the Hands of Your Sales Reps Quicker quote-to-cash Intuitive Guided Selling in the Hands of Your Channel Easier for partners to sell your products over your competitors A Customer Experience that Fully Aligns with the Way Customers Want to Buy Easy for customers to make a decision at the point of sale Visibility into All of Your Channels Ability to measure channel effectiveness Reduces your risk and offers more top-line revenue
  13. 13. 14 Expert Knowledge Anywhere Access critical business information on the go Outcome-Driven Experience Drive best practices across your organization with process guidance Team Selling Tap into your internal network of experts Social Insights Create experiences that are targeted, personal and valuable Sales Analytics Increase visibility into the business and improve decision-making
  14. 14. Win more business … Provide employees with insightful tools that give them more time to focus on what matters Operate efficiently … Create experiences that are targeted, personal and valuable to increase sales velocity Deliver as promised … Increase impact through consistent delivery of customer experiences Sell More. Any Channel. Jim Wilson Program Director Cincom Systems 513-259-5032 Cincom, the Quadrant Logo and Cincom CPQ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cincom Systems, Inc. Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks belong to their respective companies. ©2015 Cincom Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved