Greenheck fan simplifying complex selling for increased market share and a more efficient sales force!.pdf'


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Greenheck fan simplifying complex selling for increased market share and a more efficient sales force!.pdf'

  1. 1. Goal:• Increase profitability and turnaround time• Create superior products and continually improve through innovation Profile in Success: Greenheck Fan• Make Greenheck Fan “easier to do business with”• Eliminate the need for IT involvement in direct order entry Simplifying complex sellingChallenge:• Removing manual, time- for increased market consuming processes• Decreasing configuration errors in share and a more efficient incoming orders• Integrating with current SAP® sales force! systems, cost-effectively• Creating effective interaction between products in the systemSolution:Cincom Acquire®• Guided Selling and Product ConfiguratorKey Results:• Reduced order entry process from two days to two minutes• Decreased order-entry staff workload by 50%• Streamlined order-delivery process through the instantaneous transfer of system information to shop floor• Reduced rework Situation From its beginnings in 1947 as a tiny sheet-metal shop in Schofield, Wisconsin, Greenheck has grown into a leading manufacturer of air- movement and control equipment, such as fans and ventilators, dampers, louvers, energy recovery ventilators and kitchen ventilation systems. To maintain 60-plus years of industry leadership, Greenheck needed to improve operational efficiency and simplify a complex selling environment by automating the product ordering process from field-to-factory.
  2. 2. Greenheck Initiates a “Field-to-FactorySystem” to Automate Complex SellingProcesses“Prior to using Cincom’s product, ourprocess was totally manual and paper-driven. We received our orders via fax, viamail…it took days before we could enterthe order into the system.”– Thad Brockman, Manager of System Analysis and Business Intelligence, Greenheck FanMatching customer needs with product offerings is achallenge for many complex manufacturers, andGreenheck is no exception. A “field-to-factory system”was developed to eliminate the manual processes that “We have significantly reduced the numberwere creating roadblocks to customer satisfaction. This of people that actually process orders. Fiveinitiative included “Direct Order Entry” (DOE) through a years ago we had 20 people enteringsales configurator called CAPS (Computer AidedProduct Selection). orders and today we have fewer than 10 people entering three times that orderHowever, this process involved manually communicatingcomplex information to their fulfillment system, and volume.”incoming orders were still not configured properly. There – Diane Resch, Business Analyst Team Lead,needed to be a bridge that connected IT to the business Greenheck Fanso that manual processes could be automated.Greenheck turned to Cincom for a tool that could builda “field-to-factory bridge”, for faster and more accurate Cincom Helps Deliver a Competitiveresponses to customer demand. Cincom responded with Advantage to Greenheckthe Cincom Acquire Guided Selling and ProductConfigurator that fulfilled these initiatives and made “It is a powerful tool, a powerful force inGreenheck easier to do business with. terms of how we go to market.” – Dave Loomans, SAP Product Manager, Greenheck FanGreenheck’s Vision Is Realised – Now It’sthe Easiest Ventilation Manufacturer to Greenheck realised bottom-line cost savings andDo Business with increased revenue through:“Cincom was the perfect solution.“ • Increased market share: New growth in fan and vent as well as damper/louver market segments– Dave Loomans, SAP Product Manager, Greenheck Fan • Reduced order entry time from two days to just two minutesTogether, Cincom and Greenheck Fan have streamlined • Accelerated product developmentthe field-to-factory system so they no longer rely on • A more efficient sales forcemanual processes to verify they have the right products.The system delivers the information to the shop floor in • Increased flexibilityminutes with quick-build initiatives fully supported. Thenew field-to-factory system ensures less rework andmore satisfied customers. Now, Greenheck builds designrequests into the standard offerings.
  3. 3. “Getting It Right the First Time” Equals About CincomCustomer Satisfaction and Cost Savings For nearly 40 years, Cincoms software and services have helped thousands of clients worldwide simplify the“I believe that we are more efficient in management of complex business processes. Cincomdelivering than our competitors.” specialises in the areas of business where simplification brings the greatest value to managers who want to grow– Don Brekke, VP of IT, Greenheck Fan revenue, control costs, minimise risk and achieve rapid ROI better than their competitors. Cincom serves thousands of clients worldwide including BMW, Citibank,By eliminating rework, Greenheck is also benefiting from Boeing, Northwestern Mutual, Ericsson, Penn Statemuch greater customer satisfaction. A customer selects University, Milacron, Siemens, Rockwell Automation andthe product based on performance needs, and Trane.manufacturing requirements for the manufacturing floorare instantly created. This eliminates the in-between For more information and additional resources, contactwork that had to happen in the past. The Cincom Cincom by phone or e-mail at one of the regional officesAcquire Guided Selling and Product Configurator can quoted on the last page of this document. You can alsotake customer performance needs and turn them into visit the companys website at requirements. These automatedprocesses come with a true payoff. Since working withCincom, Greenheck’s orders have increased three times.Cincom and SAP Integrate Intelligently“We have integrated SAP with Cincom andwith our new business intelligence,providing more information to makedecisions – it suddenly makes us symbioticwith our customers.”– Thad Brockman, Manager of System Analysis and Business Intelligence, Greenheck FanGreenheck has also experienced the benefits of asmooth integration between Cincom and SAP. Workingwith Cincom has helped Greenheck develop a servicearchitecture that takes output from Cincom’s product, inXML format to XI to SAP. As a result, IT can process1,000 orders a day with this seamless and scalableintegration. Greenheck’s Sales Configuration System(CAPS) and Cincom have combined forces with SAP tobring the factory floor closer to the customer than everbefore.
  4. 4. Contact our European offices: Brussels, Belgium +32-(0)2-679 68 11 Paris, France +33 (0)1 53 61 70 00 Schwalbach, Germany +49 6196 9003 0 infode@cincom.comCincom, the Quadrant Logo and Cincom Acquire are registered trademarks of Torino, ItalyCincom Systems, Inc. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG. All other +39 011 5154 711trademarks belong to their respective companies.© 2011 Cincom Systems, Inc. MonacoFORM AQ080308-1-A4 1/11 +377 in U.S.A. cincommonaco@cincom.comAll Rights Reserved Culemborg, The NetherlandsWorld Headquarters • Cincinnati, OH USA • US 1-800-2CINCOM +31 345 471050Fax 1-513-612-2000 • International 1-513-612-2769 info_europenorth@cincom.comE-mail • Madrid, Spain +34 91 524 9820 Geneva, Switzerland +41 22 747 75 18 Maidenhead, United Kingdom +44 (0)1628 542300