Brilliant communications 2013


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Brilliant communications 2013

  1. 1. Communicate Brilliantly Marketing Solutions Miniature Folding Printing Expertise
  2. 2. Award Winning, Family Owned, 90 years of Quality 2013 American Marketing Association – Small Business Marketer of the Year 2 MARCOM Awards 2012 for Creative Excellence Business Courier – 2012 Green Business Award Marketing Strategy Winner 2012 Service Industry Award Winner (SAII) Tri-State Family Business of the Year Goering Center 2010 – 50+ Years in Business 2004 – Winner 2009 – Decade Winner 2003 – Finalist 2010  Extraordinary Member Award from TechSolve Emerging 30 & Success Award (N. Kentucky Chamber of Commerce) APEX Best of Show” Cincinnati Direct Marketing Association“ Printing Industries of Ohio • Northern Kentucky Print Excellence Awards 2003; 2004; 2008; 2009; 2010, 2011, 2013 – 10 Awards; One GOLD! Communicate Brilliantly
  3. 3. Flottman Brilliant Communications Campaign Communicate Brilliantly We deliver exponentially better results through our Flottman Brilliant Communications Marketing Strategy Solutions. This personalized, multi-channel marketing approach with a definitive call to action; generates leads, information and brand impressions. These campaigns can be adapted to any industry.
  4. 4. Multi-Channel Marketing Communicate Brilliantly Integration of a marketing via multiple interactions including; Print, PURLS, Social Media, Mobile, and Email. Multiple touch-points to reinforce the campaign Personalization and measurement capabilities that enable highly targeted campaigns with reward-able and compelling call to action.
  5. 5. Multi-Channel Marketing Communicate Brilliantly Multi-channel customers spend 3-4 x's more than single-channel customers.
  6. 6. Compelling CALL-TO-ACTION Communicate Brilliantly REWARD! the Individual BONUS INTERACTIONS COUPONING Compelling Offers
  7. 7. Multi-Channel Marketing Communicate Brilliantly Target the Individual
  8. 8. RELEVANT CONTENT = INCREASED RESPONSE Using Variable Print, we can customize content, images, & color to target specific demographics – PERSONALIZATION! Leader in Variable-Data Printing Communicate Brilliantly All your collateral in one place - everything from business cards to postcards, programs to newsletters. Concept-Design-Print
  9. 9. QR-Codes & Social Media Communicate Brilliantly Make it EASY for customers to find you – one click away!
  10. 10. •Registration Pre-Populates •Gain More Information •Ask the Question You Want Answers Too •REFERRALS! Communicate Brilliantly Personalized Landing Pages
  11. 11. Reminder Postcard Drop & Email First Postcard Drop & Email Facebook Postings pURLs gURLs Communicate Brilliantly Track Everything in REAL-TIME
  12. 12. Immediate Survey Analysis Detailed Lead Information Targeting/Segregation Content Detailed Response Information Matched To Your List by Name, Sales Person, Origin, or List Communicate Brilliantly Data Collection in REAL-TIME
  13. 13. Make the Sale EASIER! Communicate Brilliantly •Measurable Results •Powerful Branding •More Information •Specific Follow-Ups •Instantaneous Response
  14. 14. Review & Recap Communicate Brilliantly Strategy, development, design, print, delivery, tracking and follow-up; all in house with the Flottman Company
  15. 15. Lather, Rinse, Repeat Communicate Brilliantly