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Panel participant on Multi-modal Integration: Freight, Transit and Passenger, part of day-long Regional Summit on Rail & Transit, by Hamolton County and City of Cincinnati.
Feb. 20, 2014

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  1. 1. Multi-modal Integration Panel: Freight, Transit, and Passenger Laura N. Brunner, President/CEO Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority 513.621.3000 @PGCDA
  2. 2. Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority
  3. 3. OKI Freight Plan Goals: • Establish regional goals for increase flow of freight and local value add • Leverage public & private assets to increase efficiency and capacity of regional freight transportation systems • Activate the “Port” in the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority
  4. 4. Economic Impact Snapshot of the “Port” of Greater Cincinnati Employment: 6,036 State & Local Taxes: $45,185,000 Personal Income: $471,109,000 Business Revenue: $532,444,000 11,733,363 Tons Coal & Coke Petroleum Grain & Oil Seed Sand, Gravel, Rock Other Dry Bulk Other Chemicals Fertilizers Primary Iron & Steel
  5. 5. In-Sourcing
  6. 6. Cargo Market Study
  7. 7. Railcar Flows • Steel is dominant (60% of all commodities) • Largely to/from Midwest markets • Total tons: 5.8 million out (originate in Cincinnati) 7.7 million in (destination in Cincinnati)
  8. 8. Intermodal Activity • 1.34 million tons originate in Cincinnati • 50% destined for Jacksonville, Norfolk, or LA • 950k tons into Cincinnati destination • 80% originate in LA, Norfolk, Seattle, or Jacksonville • 70 – 77% of intermodal freight is FAK (freights all kinds)
  9. 9. Cincinnati Rail Flow Growth Potential By area • Great Lakes • Houston • New Orleans By industry/commodity: • Steel (new markets) • Plastics/Polymers • Chemicals • Grains
  10. 10. Competitive position • Dual Class 1 Access: CSX, NS • Short Line R/R, G&W • Regional manufacturing clusters • Educated workforce • Proximity to consumption centers
  11. 11. Jobs Ohio Clusters Advanced Manufacturing • Ohio is 3rd largest overall source for iron and steel in the U.S., • Ohio’s leadership in this industry is supported by its strategic location within 600 miles of 60 percent of all U.S. and Canadian manufacturing. • Cincinnati: AK Steel
  12. 12. Jobs Ohio Clusters Polymers/Plastics • A high concentration (9%) of polymer workers are located in Ohio, more than any other state. • Ohio is home to some of the largest polymer and chemical companies in the U.S. • Cincinnati: Givaudan, Milacron
  13. 13. Jobs Ohio Clusters Food Processing/Agribusiness • Ohio is among the top five U.S. producers of dairy and baked goods, snacks, spices, and other food products. • Ohio lies within U.S. Grain Belt, where 50% of U.S. corn is grown and much of the world’s grain and soybeans. • Cincinnati: Kroger, General Mills, Advance Pierre
  14. 14. All key inland logistics centers in US are built around rail: • Kansas City, MO • Louisville, KY • Harrisburg, PA • Charlotte, NC • Nashville, TN • Columbus, OH
  15. 15. Cargo Study Recommendations: • Pursue funding (TIGER, ODOT) grants and tools to develop low-cost bonding for maritime and logistics projects. • Drive logistic efficiencies of the region, with respect of critical asset infrastructure. • Provide advocacy for maritime and logisticsrelated development. • Promote and market regional transportation assets.
  16. 16. Cargo Market Study
  17. 17. Thank you Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority Laura N. Brunner, President/CEO 513.621.3000 @PGCDA