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Save the earth!


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Published in: Business, Lifestyle
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Save the earth!

  2. 2. Conform of American research in the following: Three Seconds: people will cut 799 trees, world population will grow by 9%, will drop 3,000 beverage cans, four cars will leave the factory ready to pollute the air. You realize how many bad things only happen in three seconds? These:
  3. 3. Three minutes: people will eat food from fast food, four cows and a half in the form of hamburgers, a hunter will kill two elephants in central Africa, will buy 176 phones, and will take five trucks of aspirin. These: Three hours: 17 species of animals or birds will disappear breast rainforest, 3,000 animals will die in Europe, Americans will only use paper manufactured from 375 000 trees, 160 km of software will be thrown, Europeans will buy more than 1,000,000 CDs and 12 million cats and dogs will eat canned food
  4. 4. When you get out of the room should turn off the lamp! Not be wasted energy elsewhere! After you upload your mobile phone Do not forget to unplug the charger from the socket! Do not think that if your mobile is not connected to it do not consume energy. If you look on television and in some case left the room, do not forget to close it. Earth Day is celebrated for all of us to unite and find solutions to protect the land. Dear earthly to join forces and ideas and strive to save the earth and through it we save ourselves, of course! To protect animals, water atmosphere, environment, soil and recycle your waste. Are a few simple steps, but important!
  5. 5. -Save me and love me!!! Gheorghiu Marius Cls. a-IX-a N