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Ciklum .NET Saturday Relationship between .Net and WinRT


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Ciklum .NET Saturday Relationship between .Net and WinRT

  1. 1. .Net and WinRT
  2. 2. What are Metro style apps?Metro style apps are full screen apps tailored to yourusers needs, tailored to the device they run on,tailored for touch interaction, and tailored to theWindows user interface. Windows helps you interactwith your users, and your users interact with your app.
  3. 3. Demo: Metro style apps
  4. 4. Windows RuntimeWindows Runtime, or WinRT, is Microsofts new programmingmodel that makes the backbone of the new Metro-style apps(also known as Immersive) in new Windows 8 operatingsystem.
  5. 5. You already have the skills to build Metro style apps with C# and VB
  6. 6. Windows 8
  7. 7. Windows Runtime Architecture
  8. 8. Metro style profile
  9. 9. Main Namespaces of the profile
  10. 10. WinRT metadata Windows Runtime metadata files use an updated version of .NETs metadata format
  11. 11. Object Creation/Activation
  12. 12. A kind of magicType ForwardingProjectionWrappers
  13. 13. DO NOT call APIs that are not part of the profile!
  14. 14. WinRT Components You should build a WinRT component when you want your code to be used from JS, C++, C# and VB
  15. 15. Demo Managed WinRT Component
  16. 16. Portable class library
  17. 17. Demo Using WinRT in Desktop App
  18. 18. FinalizationYou already have the skills to buildMetro style apps with C# and VB
  19. 19. Resource Videos ● PLAT-874T – Lap around the Windows Runtime ● PLAT-875T – Windows Runtime internals: understanding “Hello World“ ● TOOL-531T – Using WinRT with C# ● TOOL-930C – A .NET developer’s view of Windows 8 app development
  20. 20. Questions