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Ciklum Mobile Development Capability: Project Clients' References


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This is a collection of selected testimonials and case stories provided by Ciklum clients for Ciklum Projects & Peak Office. References include Releaze International, Berlingske Media, Polestar Digital Media, Urge, Energy Intelligence, HeatMapz, Yell.Com, Layar, VidiofyMe and others.

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Ciklum Mobile Development Capability: Project Clients' References

  1. 1. Ciklum Project Office cooperated with Releaze Client: Releaze International BV (NL)International on developing a multi-platform mobile Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad)app for one of the leading retail chains in theNetherlands. The app runs on iPhone, iPad and Technology: Java, Objective-C, XMLAndroid devices. 3rd Party Integration: Flurry Delivery: 2000 development hoursThe app is designed to assist users withpurchases and to promote the retail chain’s Link: range. The app notifies users about Release: July 2012upcoming events, company blog posts andupdates from social networks and Youtube.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  2. 2. giveonthemobile ® is a platform developed by Client: Polestar Digital Media Ltd. (UK)Polestar Digital Media that allows people to make Platform: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windowsdonations with their mobile phone. Phone 7giveonthemobile ® is designed to make donatingconvenient and hassle free. Technology: Java, Objective-C, .NET Delivery: 2500 development hoursCiklum Project Office was tasked with creating Link:mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. The giveonthemobile ® app d-12.htmlallows users to donate to various charities and Release: June 2012fundraiser campaigns via sms or PayPal; createtheir own fundraiser campaigns; and read recentnews about welfare in UK. Giveonthemobile for iOS Giveonthemobile for AndroidCIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  3. 3. Ciklum Project Office developed the highly popular Client: Urge (US)Urge mobile app for iPhone and Android and also Platform: Android, iOSbuilt the web site, admin, restaurant admin as wellas .NET printer application. Technology: Java, Objective-C, PHP, .NET 3rd Party Integration: Paypal, Google Maps,Mobile and web service for:,,  Food delivery Delivery: 1760 development hours  Restaurant management Link:  Super-user financial flow management Release: December 2011CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  4. 4. Universal app, meaning developed both for iPhone Client: Energy Intelligence (UK)and iPad. Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)Fixed Price project without specification. Ciklum Technology: Objective-Cbrought the client to Kiev and talked about the Delivery: 1200 development hoursproject. Ciklum made technical details, Link: and the final spec, designs, intelligence/id465050742?mt=8everything from initial concept phase. Then put it Release: October 2011together in the project specification.Ciklum Project Office also developed web servicesfor the product.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  5. 5. iPad news reader for Client: Berlingske Media (DK) Platform: iOS (iPad)The client, Berlingske Media, is Denmark´s largestnews publishing group producing content for print, Technology: Objective-Cweb, web-TV, radio and mobile phones. Delivery: 800 development hours Link: app makes it possible to read news from digital-avis/id414666248?mt=8Berlingske Business on the iPad, and thus stay Release: October 2010updated with business life on the go.Developed in Ciklum Project Office. “In Berlingske Media we have been happy to work with Ciklum Project Office team in developing our very first iPad app. The app was developed during a short time frame and with a limited budget but we still managed to produce an app that the users have met with very positive reactions. Thank you!” Andreas Mikkelsen, Concept Developer, Berlingske MediaCIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  6. 6. LILLY wedding dress app, developed by Ciklum Client: Pragmasoft (DK)Project Office for Pragmasoft. Platform: iOSApp features: Technology: Objective-CLook through LILLY´s beautiful dresses in the new Delivery: 160 development hoursLILLY collections. Every single collection has its Link: style and personality – use the favorite list to collections/id490930571?mt=8collect your dream gowns and favorite Release: January 2012accessories!By using the WHERE TO BUY function, you canalways locate your nearest LILLY shop or dealer.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  7. 7. The app shows the concentration of world-known Client: Kilberg Media (DK)Danish game industry companies. Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)Ciklum Project Office developed the app and made Technology: Objective-Cit available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Delivery: 160 development hours Link: iOS 4.0 or later. games/id437502151?mt=8 Release: August 2011CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  8. 8. Cool things that you can do with Hummba on your iPhone:  Upload Geo Tagged Photo’s (breadcrumbs)  Create Geo Tagged routes (footprints)  Update your status and location live  Keep in touch with friends.  Share all your Hummba experiences, through Facebook  Hummba is your own personal virtual tour guide. Download over 100 FREE audio guides from the most popular destinations around the World.  View a live stream of what your friends are doing, their locations and their pictures.An iPhone application acting as a guide to Zurich night life andentertainment. Check out in which clubs your friends are now partying,check-in a club, rate an event and add photos to it – this is just a smallpart of what the application is able to do! The fun part about the app iscouponing – you can trade free stuff with your friends and then it ispossible to redeem the coupons at a bar for free drinks.“Project Office convinced us with industry insight and originalapproaches to solving problems. Regarding the agile developmentapproaches to the execution of the project itself. Hands-on approachand deep knowledge of all mobile platforms, as well personality won therespect of all the founders of HeatMapz. As an internet startup companywe had to focus on many things beside the product itself. Managementleadership and organizational skills gave us the convenience that thingsare rolling even we don’t watch after it.”Chris Mueller, Co-Founder of HeatMapzCIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  9. 9. Vipera is a unique user interface technology for enabling mobile banking on the low-end mobile handsets. Project technical specification:  The project developed for our client was targeted for the banking sector.  The project is an interface engine that is capable to build different apps from different JSON files.  The client has developed their own mark-up and navigation language that was processed on the project.  The engine is very flexible and easily customizable. The application developed for British Yellow Pages agency. The application retrieves data from the server in a JSON format and displays relevant information on device, e.g. “all Pubs near me” or “Indian restaurants in Glasgow.”CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  10. 10. Danish traditional football club AGF´s official Client: Convince Interactive (DK)Android app. Convince Interactive initiated the Platform: Androiddialogue with Ciklum Project Office in October2011. Ciklum started developing the project in Technology: JavaNovember. Delivery: 160 development hours Link:Features:  Push Notifications convince.agf.activities  News Release: November 2011  Live updates  Countdown to next game  Fixtures  Fan quiz with highscoreCIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  11. 11. Watch, record and upload videos. Keep track of Client: VideofyMe (SE)your earnings and publish videos directly to your Platform: Androidblog with just one click using our unique instantpublisher. Technology: Java Delivery: 320 development hours“VideofyMes first work together with Ciklum was Link:also our first Android app. Working with Ciklum very smooth, and they had a very professional ideofy.androidbut still flexible approach to developing the app Release: November 2010where we had a constant dialogue to fine tune thefunctions. We will soon start our second projecttogether with Ciklum and Im very confident thatthey will deliver on time and with high quality.”Oskar Glauser, Founder, VideofyMeCIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  12. 12. GPS-based app completely tailored for farming. Client: Letfarm (DK)Letfarm came to Ciklum in 2010. Wanted to redo Platform: Androidthe app. Based on Letfarm´s wish, Ciklum ProjectOffice made the app simple and intuitive. Technology: Java Delivery: 800 development hoursFarmers can register their field tasks, transport Link:tasks etc. by mobile phone or smart Android that detects presence on each field by teks.letmarkreleaseGPS and also registers transports, refills and Release: September 2011more.The mobile phone and Android application reportstime consumption directly to the online site whereall the data is handled and displayed to give a lotof benefits for the farmers and his employees.The system is introduced in Denmark and is thenscheduled for rollout in several Europeancountries. This system is the only of its kind thatmakes registering farm tasks very easy and safeby using GPS smartphones.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  13. 13. An android application for – a tourist guide, route planning and tracking system, a social network for travelers – a tourist’s must have everyday tool. The app consists of 5 major parts:  Route tracking and sharing it online  Photo/video upload tied to a GPS position  Social network: communicate with your friends, see where they are, and view their photos and videos.  Location based audio guides. It is your personal guide that can tell you fantastic stories about new places.  Location based adverts. Ad-Mob like ad banner system developed and integrated into the app. Android application developed exclusively for Bouygues ( network users. The application is a special content sharing/distribution tool. Users are able to preview and then download wallpapers, videos, ringtones, logos, and news.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  14. 14. Two developers worked on the project in Ciklum Client: Layar (NL)for three months. Ciklum provided a Project Platform: BlackberryManager for the internal team, made app fromscratch and fixed bugs. Technology: Java Delivery: 320 development hoursAfter development of the app, Layar started its Link:own team with Ciklum in Kiev. Today, Layar are the Ciklum Own Team Model and employs a 5559?lang=enteam of 18 skilled software developers, constantly Release: September 2011improving Layar´s world-acclaimed augmentedreality software.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  15. 15. The application shows prices on gas stations. Rich functionality and bright UI. User can report prices to the server, add new gas stations, mark his favorites and much more. Supported devices:  8100 (Pearl)  8300  8700  8800 A great tool for a businessman. Using XML the application displays currency exchange rates and current market trends. Stock Trader application can show off good performance due to a well-defined architecture. Supported devices:  8700  8800  8300  8100CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  16. 16. The dictionary application has been developed for one of the largest Danish media publishing houses - JP Politikens ( (in parallel they have a development team with Ciklum in Ukraine). The application uses XML content that has been parsed to a unique binary format developed specially for this project which optimized the performance of the app and shrunk the size of the database by more than 80%. This helped port the app to a number of devices with low functional parameters. Ciklum Mobile Project Office developed the Blackberry version of this application. The Blackberry re-make of the iPhone application. This is an ongoing development project. The application provides data about the movies and cinemas in Spain. Shows the user movies and cinemas near his location, allows to search and purchase tickets. The data is pulled from the server via XML.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  17. 17. The Blackberry re-make of the existing Nokia S60 application. The application is a trace tracking tool when doing sports. The application is capable to record the user’s route, calculate the distance and speed, and upload all the info to the server where it is displayed on a map and shown to friends on The application has been ported to all GPS-enabled Blackberry phones, from Blackberry 8110 to Blackberry Tour.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  18. 18. The J2ME re-make of the Endomondo Symbian application. The application is a trace tracking tool when doing sports. The app tracks the user’s route, uploads it to the server, and calculates the speed and distance. Once the track has been uploaded to the user’s profile, it will be made available to the user’s friends in the online social network. The app has been ported to a wide range of phones: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung – all devices with a built-in GPS receiver. The application show prices on gas stations. It uses geo-location data to display prices on the nearest stations, the distance and the way to the stations. The application has been developed both for GPS and non-GPS devices. Non-GPS devices use base station location information for location data. Other functionality include: filter by favorite stations, update information about prices, new stations on the server. The application uses the XML connection with the server. Later the J2ME application Benzinpriser has been ported to Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. The application has been developed for FDM ( and is targeted for Danes only.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E:
  19. 19. VidiVidi is a video to mobile social networking community. Vidi Player is a J2ME application which awakes at set times to tell the user there is a new video news and content available. The Vidi Player is the ultimate media player allowing users to manage, play and share video and audio files. The application used an XML file with descriptions of a video file to download and play it. One of the features of this platform was transcoding of user-generated videos from any of the dozen allowed formats to mobile 3gp and flash video. Together with the platform, we developed a mobile client to access the content available through the platform. The project was released in Spring 2008.CIKLUM HQ12 Amosova St. T/F: +38 044 545 77 4503680, Kiev, Ukraine E: