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Mobile Cubix initiates iPad Application Development


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Mobile Cubix is providing designing solutions but also they are covering analytics and reporting including mobile advertising – making Mobile Cubix all-rounder in mobile application development field.

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Mobile Cubix initiates iPad Application Development

  1. 1. Mobile Cubix initiates iPad Application Development<br />August 24, 2010 — Mobile Cubix Initiates iPad Application Development<br />Mobile Cubix has officially initiated the design and development of iPad applications and is now receiving new projects to begin immediately.<br />One titled ‘Pregnancy Alerts’, offers advice to pregnant women, and the other called ‘Diabetes’ is an application which allows people to gain valuable insight into this disease. Both of the applications are seamlessly content-based. The applications are nearing completion and will soon be available on iTunes.<br />Apart from these content based applications, Mobile Cubix has made contact with companies who are in the pipeline to get their brands on the iPad platform market via the Mobile Cubix application development team.<br />Mobile Cubix has made a strong portfolio as an emerging iPhone Application Development Company and has managed to light up the iPhone application platform with their catchy applications. Now, they are gearing up for another milestone, bringing their no-nonsense attitude to the table as they become one of the first iPad Application Developers.<br />About Mobile Cubix:<br />Mobile Cubix is an iPhone/iPad application development company that was launched in March 2010. We offer application development emphasizing the concepts of catchy design, user-friendly interface and rich content. Mobile Cubix provides services to the individuals, companies and organizations who are interested in developing an application or promoting their brand on the iPhone/iPad application platform.<br />Mobile Cubix has experience building many types of customized iPhone and iPad apps which range from entertainment, music, fashion brands, food & drink, education, gaming, sports and many other categories as well.<br />Mobile Cubix is a company to look up for the purpose of application development for iPhone and iPad platforms as the company consists of outstanding developers, well-experienced designers and dedicated individuals, who altogether forge a winning team which quickly responds to client feedback, user feedback, platform changes, and technological industry changes with a professional approach.<br />Company Contact Detail<br />Sal Prince, Business Developer<br />Mobile Cubix,<br />15308 Spencerville Ct. Suite 201, <br />Burtonsville, MD 20866 – USA <br />(1)866.978.2220<br /><br />