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Japanese horror


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Yuji's Presentation

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Japanese horror

  1. 1. Japanese Horror Ranging from Comics to Films
  2. 2. Most Well Known Japanese Horror Films Ringu (1998) • Hideo Nakata (Dark Water, Death Note: L, change the worLd)• Ju-on (2003) • Takashi Shimizu (Tomie: Re-birth)• Themes of the Supernatural • As opposed to zombies or monsters
  3. 3. Speaking of MonstersGodzilla, and all his monster cohortsMore or less action oriented but contains elements ofhorror
  4. 4. Movies to ConsiderAudition (Takashi Miike) Ichi the Killer, One Missed CallSuicide Club
  5. 5. Horror MangaJunji Ito (1963-present) Uzumaki Gyo Frankenstein Tomie Body Horror, Supernatural, The Sucks to be Them Genre, Defeatist
  6. 6. Uzumaki
  7. 7. Gyo
  8. 8. Frankenstein
  9. 9. Tomie
  10. 10. Read/Watch at your own DiscretionNone of these are required to watch in order tounderstand Japanese CultureFor those who are hard boiled all of these are good for ascare.