Vocabulary unit 9


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  • Vocabulary unit 9

    1. 1. The Cold War 1945-1991 By Ciera Johnson
    2. 2. ✦ A time of political tension and military rivalry that is just short of open warfare that uses threats, propaganda and other measures.✦ United States and the Soviet Union after World War II
    3. 3. Yalta and Potsdam 1945These conferences were called to help the Allies decide whatwould happen to Europe, especially Germany, at the end ofWWII. At Yalta the Big Three split up Germany into four zonesand to allow free elections in Eastern Europe. At PostdamGermany had been defeated and there were no opendissagreements. Truman was angry about the size of reparations.The Yalta pact was a wartime agreement made in 1945 during ameeting between the heads of state of Great Britain, US, and theSoviet Union
    4. 4. The Truman Doctrine✦ It was a policy by Truman stating that the United states would support European countries with economic and military aid if they rejected Communism.✦ Marshal Plan- it was the commitment of the US to give financial aid to poor European countries and rebuild Europe.✦ Containment-Foreign Policy by Truman and the U.S. to stop the Soviets and Communism from expanding.
    5. 5. The Berlin Wall✦ The Berlin Wall was a barrier put up by the Soviet Union in 1961 during the Cold War to cordon off part of Berlin✦ The Berlin Airlift was a military operation for delivering supplies to civilians in West Berlin✦ The Iron Curtain was a physical and ideological division between the NATO countries and the USSR.
    6. 6. Mao Zedong✦ 1893-1976✦ founder of the People’s Republic of China✦ The Great Leap Forward was Mao’s attempt to modernize China’s economy so that by 1988, China would have an economy that rivaled America.✦ The Cultrual Revolution is the name given to Mao’s attempt to reassert his beliefs in China
    7. 7. Soviet Map
    8. 8. Space Race/Arms Race✦ It was a competition between Russia and the US for the best space exploration. It symbolized who was more technologically advanced. I was also seen as necessary for National Security. The soviet launch of Sputnik 1 was effectively the start of it
    9. 9. Korean War✦ It was fought because Russia did not want a democratic government and America did not want a communist government in Korea.✦ It was fought between the communist and non- communist areas in Korea✦ The 38th Parallel is a line that separated North and South Korea.✦ it ended in the separation if the country
    10. 10. Vietnam✦ Fought between North and South Vietnam and the US✦ Viet Congs were north communist Vietnamese supporters of the communist front in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.✦ This war was meant to get rid of the communist Vietnam, it resulted with the communist North Vietnam achieved it’s goals of conquering the Republic of South Vietnam✦ It ended in 1975, with 58,220 American Deaths