Using GeoAnalytics to Target New Enterprise Customers


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The presentation provides an introduction into the use by service providers of Big Data and GeoAnalytics to cost-effectively identify new enterprise customers for fiber-based Ethernet services.

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Using GeoAnalytics to Target New Enterprise Customers

  1. 1. GeoAnalytics Service Training, marketing Analytics powered go-Simplified SLA collateral, demand to-market plans definitions generation Redefine Position Target
  2. 2. Enteprise Data Spend Distribution Enterprise Data Spend Distribution40,000 $35,76730,000 Sweet spot 22,598 21,266 Few / “Last mile” connectivity a challenge $19,60520,000 Heavily Most enterprises still don’t have fiber Many / 16,054  $12,283 Contested Low 12,689 Longest delay in service turn-up is 11,639 plant construction10,000 spend $8,276 $8,264 $8,759  Two ways to accelerate: pre- construction and fixed wireless $2,157 $2,492 2,167 1,250 1,162 Pre-construction needs economic 0 justification Under $100 $100-$200 $200-$500 $500-$1K $1K-$3K $3K-$5K $5K-$10K Over $10K #Business $K/Month  Economic justification requires end- customer analytics
  3. 3. Supply Competition :=Service := Footprint of Provider competitors Footprint where available Demand Cost :=Enterprise := Networklocations, Data expansion cost Centers GeoAnalytics := intelligence Go-to-market execution plan
  4. 4. Addressable Market of €3.2B / ~19.8 K businesses
  5. 5. Demand Supply Opportunity = $17M revenue per year Capex = $14M Additional annual Opex = $1M 18 months payback per MiniPOP Hunting List - - - GTMCompetition - Plan - - - -
  6. 6. Cloud Services addressable market size Optical, Ethernet Location of new macro network services or small celladdressable market and deployments go-to-market plans
  7. 7. Network Monetization on (link)Read our 4-part blog series on Network Monetization (link)White paper: Monetizing Networks in the Cloud Era (link)White paper: Growing Ethernet Business Services with GeoAnalytics (link)