Ciena Submarine Networking Overview


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An overview presentation on Submarine Cable Networks and Ciena's submarine networking solutions.

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Ciena Submarine Networking Overview

  1. 1. Submarine Cable Networks
  2. 2. Who is Ciena? Technology leadership Market leadership  Global leader in high-capacity (40G  Installed world’s first 40G coherent and 100G) networking transponders in submarine in 2008  Global leader in network/service  Installed world’s first 100G coherent automation and mesh switching transponders in 2009  Emerging leader in Carrier Ethernet  #1 share in combined LH/Metro WDM in North America1 and #2 share worldwide1  17% of global long-haul WDM segment1  12.5% of global metro WDM segment1  More than 1,000 customers worldwide 2 1 Dell’Oro optical market share estimates 2010
  3. 3. Ciena’s Network Solution Space Converged World leading coherent Optical Ethernet technology featuring 40G/100G Infrastructure Network optical solutions Capacity LTE wireless backhaul, World leading control Cloud / data center, plane technology, High-frequency trading, Emerging Global Resilient optical mesh, Security/encryption, Applications Networks Latency management Smart Grid 3
  4. 4. The New Global Information InfrastructureCiena is already building it The new paradigm: Ciena leads in Major submarine Global Networking transport and service operators use Ciena delivery Coherent transport WaveLogic™ Automated optical mesh FastMesh™ 4
  5. 5. Cost of Complexity International Connectivity Issues Ciena Submarine Solutions Multi-link connections Global solution platforms Submarine link connecting to PoPs One platform for SLTE and terrestrial via two terrestrial links Automated service management SDH regeneration End-to-end provisioning & management SLTE-terrestrial interfaces obscure end-to-end service performance Multi-layer connection monitoring AU3/AU4 Conversion Built-in AU3/AU4 mapping capability External boxes must be used for Significant reduction in footprint and DS3 and GbE mapping from power consumption SONET to SDH and vice versa Ciena’s 6500 platform unifies terrestrial and submarine domains, building one global infrastructure 5
  6. 6. Cost of Capacity Bandwidth scaling issues Ciena Submarine Solutions Demand growth… and challenge Capacity upgrades 40% - 60% annual growth 40G and 100G wavelengths Lower $/bit rev; high fixed cost Maximum capacity per fiber pair Simple turn-up with auto configuration Bending the cost curve… 40G in 40 days, including supply + install No reengineering Automated configuration capacity time 6
  7. 7. Cost of Changing Service Requirements Service Providers’ Migration Issues Ciena Submarine Solutions New service requirements Advanced service delivery Packet and optical growing rapidly Multi-service coexistence/aggregation PDH and SDH phasing out OTN (fully-transparent) services Migration towards lower-cost services Automated, remote service management Time, labor and resource inefficiencies Continuous bandwidth optimization Lit Bandwidth Ethernet Wavelengths SEA-ME-WE-4 selected Ciena’s 5430 Reconfigurable Switching System, enabling aggregation and intelligent switching at all sites Legacy 2010-16 7 *: Trans-Atlantic service forecast (Telegeography, 2010)
  8. 8. Cost of Cable Faults Cable Fault Issues Ciena Global Mesh Solutions Earthquakes and mudslides Advanced mesh protection Multi-cable, multi-tear faults From weeks to milliseconds Ship faults Resilience against multiple faults Fishing- and anchor-inflicted breaks Combines 1:n transponder protection Cost and SLA impact Efficiencies Huge service disruptions and slow Low power/Gbps consumption repairs Automated service management Costly maintenance contracts Successfully proven in 2011 Japan tsunami “At Verizon Business, any impact to customer traffic was averted by its optical meshed infrastructure in Asia and across the Pacific,” according to Linda Laughlin, director of media relations for Verizon Business Global Services Group. 8
  9. 9. SEA-ME-WE-4 Success Story 9
  10. 10. Who Is SEA-ME-WE-4? 1. Algérie Télécom Algeria 2. Bharti India 3. BSCCL Bangladesh 4. CAT Telecom Public Company Limited Thailand 5. ETISALAT United Arab Emirates 6. France Télécom France 7. Verizon Business United Kingdom 8. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Pakistan 9. SingTel Singapore 10. Saudi Telecom Company Saudi Arabia 11. Telecom Egypt Egypt 12. Telecom Italia Sparkle Italy 13. Telekom Malaysia Berhad Malaysia 14. Tunisie Telecom Tunisia 15. Tata Communications India 10
  11. 11. Coherent is a Disruptive TechnologyCiena can help operators leverage it now Coherent System Operator Enables Benefits Benefits Scalability and higher Simpler dispersion maps Higher cable capacity revenue opportunity Lower loss fiber plant Simpler engineering Lower cost of service Lower power amplifiers Simpler maintenance delivered 11
  12. 12. Building Global Networks with Ciena  Whether the operator is Speed Adding a wavelength or uplifting a fiber pair Serving legacy or new services Innovation Adding network resilience Experience Planning a new submarine cableCost Management Service scale Survivability Lit Bandwidth Ethernet Wavelengths capacity Legacy time 2010-16 12
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