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Cielo's 2018 Talent Rising Summit: The Next Frontier of Talent Acquisition

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Cielo's 2018 Talent Rising Summit: The Next Frontier of Talent Acquisition

  1. 1. 0WE BECOME YOU™ Sue Marks, Chief Executive Officer Tara Cassady, Senior Vice President The Next Frontier of Talent Acquisition
  2. 2. 1WE BECOME YOU™
  3. 3. 2WE BECOME YOU™
  4. 4. 3WE BECOME YOU™
  5. 5. 4WE BECOME YOU™ TALENT ACQUISITION IS AT AN INFLECTION POINT Harvard Business Review Study of Talent Acquisition Leaders agree they have the opportunity to extend their influence by taking the lead on strategic workforce management see lack of collaboration among business units as a top barrier to strategic workforce management 80% 58%
  6. 6. 6WE BECOME YOU™
  7. 7. 7WE BECOME YOU™ THEN AND NOW - TECHNOLOGY 2008 • iPhone had recently entered the market • Played phone tag with candidates and lost time trying to find mutually available times for interviews • Cielo launched first exclusive Sourcing Technology 2018 • iPhone commands 15.2% of the market share • 20,000 candidates self-schedule interviews monthly with our healthcare clients • Cielo’s Talent Cloud
  8. 8. 8WE BECOME YOU™
  9. 9. 9WE BECOME YOU™ THEN AND NOW – CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE 2012 • Cielo wanted to solve candidate ‘black whole’ in quest for improving the candidate experience • 12K candidates tracked in Excel 2018 • Launching 3rd generation technology solution • 90K candidates cleared annually through Bridge Pre-Employment
  10. 10. 10WE BECOME YOU™ PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE Are You Ready For the Future of Talent Acquisition? Effectively Use Social For Recruitment Build Talent Pipelines to Reduce Time to Fill Improve Search Engine Optimization Engaging and Mobile-Enabled Branded Websites Automated Onboarding Streamline Interview Processes Improve Job Postings Launch Employee Referral Program Incorporate Video/Voice Screening *2017 icimis Study Improve Reporting and Tracking
  11. 11. 12WE BECOME YOU™ An enterprise’s ability to grow and prosper depends on its ability to get work done. 40% total global workforce consists of contingent workers, including contractors, freelancers and temporary workers 97% independent workers have absolutely no desire to return to traditional work
  12. 12. 13WE BECOME YOU™ DEVELOP A TOTAL TALENT ACQUISITION MINDSET Accessing talent without constraints of job descriptions, office walls or geographic boundaries Redefining what a ‘worker’ is by focusing on skills and requirements
  13. 13. 14WE BECOME YOU™ WHAT IS HOLDING ORGANIZATIONS BACK? Organizational Silos Lack of Understanding Inadequate Systems & Infrastructure
  16. 16. 17WE BECOME YOU™ Coordinate the Collective Efforts Change the Dialogue Adopt a Change Mindset HOW DO WE PUSH FORWARD?
  17. 17. 18WE BECOME YOU™
  18. 18. Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Recruitment Andy Curlewis, Senior Vice President, Brand, Digital & Communications Adam Godson, Vice President, Global Technology Solutions Balazs Paroczay, Vice President, Global Sourcing
  20. 20. 21WE BECOME YOU™ WHAT IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Deep Learning Predictive Analytics Natural Language Processing Translation Speech-to- text / Text-to- speech Computer Vision Image recognition Machine vision Robotics 1: a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers 2: the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior
  21. 21. 22WE BECOME YOU™ AI IN THE CONSUMER SPACE • AI in the consumer space has had record development, powered by major companies • Digital economies can create winner-take-all platform wars (e.g., Alexa vs. Google Home; iPhone vs. Android) • Ecosystems more open than ever to develop important technologies for specific use cases
  22. 22. 23WE BECOME YOU™ AI IN RECRUITING TODAY More “Potential Energy” and Marketing Buzz • Mostly companies using specific computational techniques as part of their products (e.g., Natural language processing, Machine learning) Massive Investment in Recruiting Space • $1.1 billion venture capital invested in HR Tech in 2017 • About 1/3 in Talent Acquisition • $785 million in Q1 2018
  23. 23. 24WE BECOME YOU™ CANDIDATE MATCHING • Natural language processing can help algorithms understand language used in resumes and job descriptions to better match them • Machine-learning based matching can improve results in large data sets
  24. 24. 25WE BECOME YOU™ AUGMENTED WRITING • Augmented writing platforms use AI to help recruiters write effectively • Job descriptions • Writing for diversity • Writing for throughput • Candidate engagement emails • Understands personality and the best writing style to get responses based on the individual
  25. 25. 26WE BECOME YOU™ CHATBOTS • All use some level of Natural Language Processing • Mostly “programmed” in decision trees, but some have more advanced AI • Can be multi-platform (text, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter, web) • Can be useful for basic screening or FAQ-type questions • Ethically important that user knows they are chatting with a chatbot, not a person
  26. 26. 27WE BECOME YOU™ INFORMATION AUGMENTATION • How can I find as much about a candidate as possible without them having to do anything? • Examples: • Algorithms to understand likelihood to stay/leave a job • Vocal tonality analysis • Facial recognition • Personality from writing sample
  27. 27. 28WE BECOME YOU™ ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA) • Automation of a process using a software robot to control the user interface • More automation than AI, is often grouped with AI • Process automation combined with AI has the chance to be incredibly powerful
  28. 28. 29WE BECOME YOU™ Talent Attraction • Employer Branding • Recruitment Advertising • Sourcing • Job Posting • Referrals Engagement • Outbound Calling • Light Skills Assessment • Impression Center Initial Matching • Resume Screening • Phone Screens • Culture-match Assessment Selection • Hiring Manager Interviews • Skills Assessment Offer & Accept • Contract Negotiation • Offer Agreement • Administrative Execution Pre-employment • Legal & Compliance • Background Screening • Verifications • Candidate Enculturation RECRUITMENT PROCESS Opportunity for Intelligent Automation HIGH (15%) • Automated Sourcing • Programmatic Job Distribution MEDIUM (5%) • Chatbots • Content Library • Minimum Qualification • Assisted AI for Smart Outreach V. HIGH (10%) • Machine Learning- based Semantic Matching • Video & Voice Screens • AI-based Assessments • NLP for Machine Processing of Media MEDIUM (10%) • Automated Interview Scheduling • Computational Hiring Assistance • AI-based Assessments MEDIUM (5%) • AI-based Negotiations • Automated offers/contracts HIGH (5%) • Automated Check Process Workflow 10% TRADITIONAL RECRUITMENT AUTOMATION 10%15%20%10%30%
  29. 29. 30WE BECOME YOU™ WHAT ARE THE RISKS & BARRIERS? • Brand risks in doing it poorly (e.g. bad chatbot) • Losing the personal touch with candidates that can drive conversions • Compliance • GDPR in EU requires transparency in automated decision-making • U.S. federal contractors must keep records on decision-making for OFCCP, even if automated • The ROI - is there first-mover advantage or can a company catch-up?
  30. 30. 31WE BECOME YOU™ WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE US? • A future where candidate matching can be done with a high degree of certainty • A future where candidate interactions can be highly automated with reasonable candidate experience • A future where we know more than we ever have about candidates without having to ask them • A future with uncertainty on how to gain competitive advantage
  31. 31. 33WE BECOME YOU™