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  • Guillermo del toro Director Project

    1. 1. Guillermo del Toro Research Project By Sierra French
    2. 2. Youth Interview with Born October 9th in Mexico, Guillermo Guillermo del Toro was raised by a strict Catholic family.“Del Toro described his Roman Catholic upbringing as excessively "morbid,"saying "I mercifully lapsed as a Catholic, I say, but as Buñuel used to say, "Im an atheist, thank God."(Wikipedia, 2009). He was inspired by Dick Smith’s make up andeffects in his legendary film The Exorcist. Del Toro’s father was kidnapped for 72 days until ransom was paid.
    3. 3. Apprentice He started out working as a makeup supervisorand formed his own company. Guillermo had his first big break when his film Cronos won 9academy awards. After, he won the International Critics Week prize at Cannes. Some of Guillermo’s work MTV, 2008 EW, 20012
    4. 4. Awards - HonorsGuillermo was nominated for 21 awards and won 44.CategoriesBest FilmBest FirstBest ScriptBest FeatureBest DirectorBest ScreenplayScreen Writer of the YearBest Foreign Language Film Exposay, 2010
    5. 5. Techniques - StyleMost of Del Toro’s films use religious relics and involve Catholicism. He uses amber as the dominant color inmovies. Insects or insect imagery is very much used inmovies of his. Also, the protagonists is usually a father figure.
    6. 6. Films
    7. 7. Quotes “Thats what I love about fairy tales; they"It is. To me, art and storytelling serve tell the truth, not organized politics,primal, spiritual functions in my daily religion or economics. Those things life. Whether Im telling a bedtime destroy the soul. That is the idea from story to my kids or trying to mount a Pans Labyrinth and it surfaces in movie or write a short story or a Hellboy and, to some degree, in all my novel, I take it very seriously." films.” If youre not operating on an instinctive level, youre not an artist.... Reason over emotion is bullshit, absolute bullshit... We suffocate ourselves in rules. I find fantasy liberating. I fabricate everything. Theres not a single The horror story was birthed when we real thing in Pans Labyrinth, because became sedentary cavemen and started ultimately Im very specific about [those telling scary stories to keep the children from details]. Context is everything in a fable, wandering off into the night. Today, theres because every story has already been told. nothing more cathartic for a guy in a three-So the only variations I find are the voice of piece suit, someone super wound-up andthe storyteller and the context in which its super-tight, to get on a roller-coaster of a told. horror film and scream like a madman.
    8. 8. Legacy - Influence Guillermo wants to bring horror to peoples lives. He wants to be different. Most of his films are original ideas. He doesn’t want to be just another director.
    9. 9. Sources1.,,20311937_20346922_20006739,00.html4.