Phidget Artifact Project


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Phidget Artifact Project

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Index Introduction 3 Generating a concept 3 Final concept descr. 5 Contruction 6 Design 8 Implementation 10 Prduction/Scrum 11 Conclusion 12 Group name SwidSchuMart Members Sofia Swidarovicz (Technician) Eva Schulenberg (Producer) Emiliano Martínez (Designer) Project Phidget artifact Phidget 1127 Precision light sensor Project name Wake-up call Professor Emiliano Labrador Ruiz de la Hermosa Subject Design, Art and Creativity Master 2010-2011 Multimedia Creation, Design and Engineering Institution BES La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull Date December 9th 20102
  3. 3. IntroductionFor this artifact project we used sign of the proj-the 1127 precision light sensor ect. This meansPhidget. what exactly weThis sensor is able to measure going to use tolight intensity in the range from 1 realize our idea.lux (Moonlight) to 1000 lux (TV stu- Also is specifieddio lightning). how we put ev- erything togeth-In this paper you will find firstly an er and do theexplanation of our process of gen- implementationerating a concept idea in which we on the street. In the last chapter is 1127 Precisioncould use the sensor. Following written down how we planed and light sensoryou will see a description of the de- used our time for this project. PhidgetGenerating a ConceptThe process for finding our idea this guy and get your redemption!”was not easy. We thought for a but we felt it was a bit too hard on aweek about different ideas and did certain bealives.a lot of meetings without a clearconcept to develop. Interactive Sounds We thought we could use the sen-Cheap Redemtion sor’s output connected to sounds.One of our ideas was to create a If we had different shadows wekind of artistic critique to catholi- would listen to different sounds,sism and the church usisng a Je- but it seamed too simple so wesus figure and adding some mes- thought about a new idea basedsages like aggresive advertising on the concept that the world is notlike “Free Salvation Now” or “Kill longer just black and white. 3
  4. 4. How does Clothes light reflexion change in combination of touchinglight sound? We wanted to bring the reflection of the additional touch-sensor. clothes of the people in connectionNothing is to our sensor. The artifact would be 3. People could play with a flash-like it seems. in front of a wall but with enough light. Depending on the intensity of space that people could walk be- the light, images would change.Everything can tween our construction and themake a sound, wall. The construction would make With these ideas we had a goodeven light. a sound all the time. Depending on base to go ahead in the process the light reflection of the clothes of finding an idea. But we were stillWelcome to the sound would change. For ex- not really happy about them. So onthe world! ample if the person was wearing the next day we meet for another dark clothes, there would be little brainstorming meeting and were reflection so he/her would listen thinking about what exactly we to a smooth sound from a piano. want show with our construction. In the case of a person wearing So we put down four sentences: lighter clothes the reflexion would be higher so he/she would hear a 1. How does the light sound? different sound like, for example, a 2. Nothing is like it seems flute. In this time of the process we 3. Everything can make a sound, were thinking to ad also another even light Phidget sensor with wich people 4. Welcome to the world! could influence the music output, for example a circular or a linear “How does the light sound?” we touch. But still we were not totally thought in using music in different happy with this idea, we had an- levels connecting to the light lev- other brainstorm meeting. On this el. A sound “beep” goes upper or meeting we came to three general lower, depends of the light reflec- ideas: tion. Something is in front of the light and if it’s moving, the sound 1. The same idea but changing the would change. For “Welcome to connected music: light clothes bring the world!” we want to put the sen- angelic music out and dark clothes, sor in a box together with a screen. heavy metal music with several If someone open the box on the variation in between. So we want screen will shown a sentence which use the sensor like a sound mirror. bring the people to look around and notice their environment. Af- 2. Based on the idea from rockola. ter another brainstorm meeting, on fm, bring the outputs on a screen which we were focused on the forth in different colors. The intensity sentence, we got finally the follow- and the size of the output would ing general idea:4
  5. 5. Final Concept DescriptionWake-up CallWelcome to the World!We have a box which makes al-ways a sound so that people lookat the box. Maybe just a noise orsomething as “open me”. If some-one opens the box, the soundwould change to “Welcome to theworld!”. On a screen different sen-tences would be shown. The sen-tences would change in connec-tion to the different light values. Tomake clear what we want transmitwith this box, inside people could - Enjoy the path Brainstormingfind a graphic and a flyer to take - Now you’re definitely enjoying meeting on thewhich explains our thought: People - You’re opened to the world 27.11.2010walking around looking down not because you’re curiousinterested in the rest of the world - Destiny is the patharound them or in other people. - You look around, you’reIf they hear the sound they would interested in the worldprobably feel curious and they - You’re not alonewould feel that they need to open - Don’t be afraid to share lifethe box... at the end they are backin the world. A part we couldn’t implement was the idea of including a live image ofPart of the communication was to the person interacting using a web-send messages to people interact- cam but because of some probleming with different sentences shown connecting to the code, we decideat the screen: to use just the simple idea. 5
  6. 6. Construction With our proj- is more to it, something behind it. ect we wanted This is the base of our idea, the to make people people should look behind normal look around and things. see not only their own path So we choose a normal cardboard but also the box which we found on the street. path from oth- We decided that the box should er people. We keep its normal looking aspect, wanted to get that the people will think this is just them curious. a normal box. For this reason we could have We change just the high of the box, the possibility to so that people can open it easily. use something To make the people interested inOriginal card- really outstanding which would get the box, we recorded a voice say-board box the attention from the people re- ing “open me”. This sound is play-found on the ally easily. But we thought it would ing all the time when the box isstreet be better to use something normal closed. We put also a sign on top and when the people come closer of the box with “open me” frase to they would recognize that this is make it more clear for people that not something normal, that there they should really open the box. Desired look and feel effect6
  7. 7. Inside the box we have a laptop, work rightthe base of the phidgets and the becausesensor itself. All this things are there werestanding on another cardboard like not enogha table inside the box to make it light pass-stable and bring the screen near ing by so wethe person. had to sit it on The top. We used the lap- box asThe Sensor is connected with a top not only to program it lookedbase and this to the laptop via usb the phidgets, what we did like finallyconnection. To protect the laptop with java, but also to play the assembledand surprise with a different clean sounds and show the sentences.look we used two smoked acrylicpieces. One over the screen and To make the sentences much clos-the other over the keyboard. At first er to our project aesthetics we putt-we wanter to hide the sensor un- ed the sentences over a scannedder the acrylic board but it didn’t cardboard image. A couple of ex- amples of the sentences with the project aesthetics 7
  8. 8. The aesthetics ple and bringing the alarm clock of the project out of it. were very im- portant since the Slogan message was The sentece “Welcome to the not 100% clear. World!” in a big Helvetica Black Ex- We generated tended rounds the final message. some graphic elements that CompositionFlyer design would transmit the message and The whole effect of the elementswith all the the general idea. We decided to transmits the message because itgeneral graph- use the carboard look of the box as has a story to tell. We kept the col-ic elements the base for the elements. ors simple for the interacting real people to bring their own. Elements All elements where kept simple in Pieces line art for a fast reading and in With this composition in mind we black with a percentage of white to designed a flyer, a poster with in- bring up the logo and the surpriced formation on the place and date person. of the event, several screens with sentences and a special piece to The logo put behind the acrylic by the screen It resembles a ringing alarm clock of the laptop. with the sphere being the world to wich i’m being welcomed. Integrat- The rest inside the box, which the ed with the name of the project in a people can see, we colored in round shape. black that the people keep focused on the screen and Persons the graphic. Togeth- Walking people showing diferent er with the graph- additudes, one that walks looking ic and the screen down minding his own, one who’s we record also a attention is being drawned to a dox sound “welcome to and the third one that’s surpriced the world” which is and happy. playing all the time when the box is The Box open. With this three a simplified symbol of the artifact things (sentence on the screen, graphic The arrows and sound) we want Help putting movement to the peo- to give our idea to8
  9. 9. Design Poster designthe people thatafter they openthe box theychanged a bitbecause theyare interestedin things stand-ing around andlooking with adifferent pointof view. Afterlooking in thebox they can gotheir path withthe head up andenjoying life.Our project canbe used fromevery person inevery age butto understandthe completemessages be-hind you haveto reach an agewhere you cancombine a bitmore the thingsand you alreadyknow some-thing aboutlive. So for chil-dren is this boxmaybe interest-ing becauseof the soundsand sentenceschanging butnot because ofthe messagebehind. 9
  10. 10. Implementation We wanted to use our artifact on a public place were there where coming a lot people but not too many. So we decided to use it in front of Palau Robert at the Passeig de Gràcia 107 on Saturday the 4th of December at 4 pm. We choose this day and time because we were thinking that a lot of people are walking on this street to make their Christ- mas shopping tour. First we had to calibrate theUsers interacting sensor with the code, because the day before we were in a room to choose the different values when exactly an image should change. But the light on the day time and on the street is different so we had to figure out the new values. After that, we put the box next to the wall of the building and just step back to see if the people are in- terested in the box. Actually the people were more interested in the box when we were calibrat- ing the values. But a few peo- ple were looking, stopping and some of them open the box. Sometimes we were going to the people and ask them if they understood the whole idea and more or less they did. So we could catch some people with our idea. And we hope they now enjoying their path.10
  11. 11. Production ScrumFirst of all we had to find out what meet on the 24th in the dome andwe want to do and which phidgets Sofia should connect with us viawe want to use. So the first week Skype for a brainstorming. But thiswas a bit difficult to meet in real be- wasn’t completly succesfull againcause Sofia was sick. So we decide so we talk on Thursday the 25thto do the meetings via Skype. The with the product owner/client andfirst meeting was on the 19.11.2010 with his help we found finally thewith 30 minutes and we just decide general use the light sensor and the pro-files. So Sofia is the technician, On Saturday the 27th Sofia wasEmiliano the designer and Eva the able to come back at the dome, soScrum Master. we had another brainstorm meet- ing to get our idea developed. UntilWe had two more dailymeetings on this day we couldn’t use really thethe 21st and 22nd via Skype were idea of scrum with the backlog andwe talked about how far everyone sprint plans. But from this point wecame with finding ideas. But we were using it. So we defined the dif-had problems to find something so ferent things to do and wrote downwe decided that Emiliano and Eva how we where to work: Job Job subdivision Hours Doing by Status Done until Product1. Programming the phidgets 16 Sofia 03/12/20101.1 Find out if we can use webcam for the additional idea 2 Sofia doing 30/11/2010 Backlog1.2 Connect the light sensor with the sound 5 Sofia doing 03/11/2010 27.11 - 04.121.3 Connect the light sensor with the images 9 Sofia doing 30/11/20102. Construct the box 6 Emiliano 03/12/20102.1 How does the box look outside and inside 5 Emiliano doing 03/12/20102.2 Which sentence we want to use/ How many we want to use 1 Emiliano doing 03/12/20103. Put the box and the phidgets together 5 all doing 03/12/20104. Use the box on the street 1 all to do 04/12/20105. Poster 5 Eva to do 06/12/20105.1 Name of the group and project 1 all done 27.11.2010 27/11/20105.2 Logo 2 Eva to do 06/12/20105.3 Place and time for using the box 0.5 Eva to do 03/12/20106. Video 16 Eva 08/12/20106.1 Storyboard 1 Eva doing 30/11/20106.2 Text of explination the project 1 Eva to do 03/12/20106.3 Recording 2 Eva to do 04/12/20106.4 Editing 10 Eva to do 06/12/20106.5 Reediting 2 Eva to do 08/12/20107. Memory 6 Eva to do 08/12/20108. Presentation 6 all 08/12/20108.1 Design 4 Emiliano todo 08/12/20108.2 Content 2 all to do 08/12/2010 11
  12. 12. Job Job subdivision Hours Doing by Status Done until Product1. Programming the phidgets 16 Sofia done 30.12.2010 03/12/20101.1 Find out if we can use webcam for the additional idea 2 Sofia done 30.11.2010 30/11/2010 Backlog1.2 Connect the light sensor with the sound 5 Sofia done 03.12.2010 03/12/2010 04.12 - 09.121.3 Connect the light sensor with the images 9 Sofia done 03.12.2010 03/12/2010 (changes in2. Construct the box 6 Emiliano done 03.12.2010 03/12/20102.1 How does the box look outside and inside 5 Emiliano done 03.12.2010 03/12/2010 red)2.2 Which sentence we want to use/ How many we want to use 1 Emiliano done 03.12.2010 03/12/20103. Put the box and the phidgets together 5 all done 03.12.2010 03/12/20104. Use the box on the street 1 all done 04.12.2010 04/12/20105. Poster 5 Emiliano done 03.12.2010 06/12/20105.1 Name of the group and project 1 all done 27.11.2010 27/11/20105.2 Logo 2 Emiliano done 03.12.2010 06/12/20105.3 Place and time for using the box 0.5 all done 04.12.2010 03/12/20106. Video 16 Eva done 08.12.2010 08/12/20106.1 Storyboard 1 Eva done 03.12.2010 30/11/20106.2 Text of explination the project 1 Emiliano done 03.12.2010 03/12/20106.3 Recording 2 Eva done 04.12.2010 04/12/20106.4 Editing 10 Eva done 07.12.2010 06/12/20106.5 Reediting 2 Eva done 08.12.2010 08/12/20107. Memory 6 Eva/Emiliano done 08.12.2010 08/12/20108. Presentation 6 all 08/12/20108.1 Design 4 Emiliano done 08.12.2010 08/12/20108.2 Content 2 all done 08.12.2010 08/12/2010On the base of this backlog we daily meeting to see early enoughcould start with the work. And we if there some problems appear. Fi-could hold nearly every deadline. nally we can say, to use SCRUM in our project is good to see what allOnly the responsible person of we have to do and how much timesome jobs is changed. But this you we have left for it. Also to see howcan see on the different backlogs. the different jobs are separated be-Also we tried to have every day the tween three of us. ConclusionFor summary it can be said that the project in general was a good experi-ence. We got finally the idea, which we all liked. And it was successful.Not all people were interested in our idea, but those who opened the boxwhere really interested and could understand our idea.12