Email Marketing Isn't Dead


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Although it has been around for years, Email Marketing is still one of the most personal, measurable and cost-effective digital channels available. Even as consumers expand the channels they go to for information, email continues to be the glue that holds it all together. However, email suffers from not being shiny and new, and unfortunately it’s the consumers that are being affected.

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Email Marketing Isn't Dead

  1. 1. Email Marketing & Automation
  2. 2. Corporate Overview Ciceron is one the oldest, privately-held digital agencies in the country, having been in business since 1995. Our longevity is a testament to our ability to deliver results for our clients through tumultuous change. Ciceron has remained consistent in producing measurable, sustainable, and extraordinary value for our clients. Your customers are consulting more sources than ever before making a purchase decision. Why? Because the information is out there. You need to capture this information and capitalize on it. We help you better understand your customers and their increasingly complex consideration process. 33%  of  consumers  say   brands  should  invest  and   improve  their  email  programs     ExactTarget  Marketers  from   Mars  Study,  2013   Web analytics, social media monitoring, search activity, and online surveys all provide valuable data where real decisions can be made. From this data we create insights and these insights speed up product development, cut time to market, help your business keep its competitive edge and uncover real opportunities. We Build Brand Advocacy Ciceron recognizes the extraordinary power of advocacy-based brand strategy in today’s socially connected, digital world. People who love your brand will introduce you to your new customers. Recommendations come from your advocates – a network of highly satisfied, passionate and connected customers who love your products and service. Sole property of Ciceron, Inc.
  3. 3. Ciceron Digital Ecosystem STRATEGY THAT INFORMS. EXPERIENCES THAT DELIVER. ADVOCACY THAT SCALES. competitive positioning audience touchpoints industry positioning internal capabilities target audiences key performance indicators Strategy Digital Ecosystem Consumer Insights iza im h ht s tion Business Objectives insig s o op community management Brand Content ana l yt i cs website t t influencer relationships campaign integration recognition program email architecture Advocacy reviews and stories Experiences Conversation staff training branded communities mobile SEO / SEM media Content may not be altered or reproduced without proper attribution to Ciceron. Strategy: We identify the opportunities that arise at the intersection of your business goals, your audience needs and your ability to meet those needs. Experiences: We ensure your existing digital marketing programs are fully optimized, uncover opportunities to add value to your current experience, and set you on a course to achieve advocacy. Advocacy: We connect you with your brand advocates, create programs and experiences to energize those advocates and convert advocate actions into insights, understanding, and most importantly, business results.
  4. 4. Is Email Dead? NO, IT IS ALIVE AND WELL •  Email volume is up 13% YOY •  Email is the most popular online activity with 94% participation •  On average, businesses spend 15% of their marketing budget on email “Email is the hub of all digital messaging. It’s not the end-all be-all, but email is the glue that keeps marketing channels together.” - Simms Jenkins, CEO of Brightwave Source: Marketo, Expression Pigeon, iContact; Image Source: Tammra McCauley; Illustration by Ciceron
  5. 5. Why Email Marketing & Automation Is Important 89%  of  consumers  use  email  daily     –  be  where  your  customers  are!   Source: ExactTarget 2014 State of Marketing, ExactTarget Marketers From Mars
  6. 6. Why Email Marketing & Automation Is Important 50%     Of  consumers  have   made  a  purchase  as  a   direct  result  of  an  email   marketing  message   Source: ExactTarget Marketers From Mars
  7. 7. Email Marketing & Automation Clients
  8. 8. Start Using Email, and Be Where Your Customers Are! Ciceron Email Marketing & Automation Services: !  Email Marketing Strategy !  Email Marketing & Automation Consulting !  Email Program Audit !  Audience Segmentation Analysis !  Messaging Framework !  Automation Architecture & Workflow !  Campaign Development !  Custom Template Design & HTML Development !  Production & Execution !  Database List Management !  Reporting, Insights & Optimization !  Platform Selection & Training !  Best Practices & Business Integration Contact Us Today " 612.204.1919