Why is a Digital Strategy Important?


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57% of marketers state measuring ROI as their top challenge. Tighter integration is becoming an investment priority because it creates a better consumer experience and leads to a higher ROI overall. Ciceron is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in all things digital, including digital strategy, consumer insights and brand advocacy.

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Why is a Digital Strategy Important?

  1. 1. Digital Strategy
  2. 2. Corporate Overview Ciceron is one the oldest, privately-held digital agencies in the country, having been in business since 1995. Our longevity is a testament to our ability to deliver results for our clients through tumultuous change. Ciceron has remained consistent in producing measurable, sustainable, and extraordinary value for our clients. A digital strategy is the foundation for successful integration across business units and customer touchpoints. A digital strategy identifies opportunities that align your business needs with your customer’s goals. The strategy is dependent on people, process, tools, and accountability. We bring all of this together into a clear and actionable roadmap to execute your digital strategy. We Build Brand Advocacy Ciceron recognizes the extraordinary power of advocacy-based brand strategy in today’s socially connected, digital world. People who love your brand will introduce you to your new customers. Recommendations come from your advocates – a network of highly satisfied, passionate and connected customers who love your products and service. “Ciceron  brought  us  to  a  whole   new  level  in  digital  strategy.   They  are  up  for  ALL  challenges   and  were  instrumental  in   developing  and  implementing   successful  search,  social  and   third  party  marketing   strategies.  They  are  truly   experts  in  Social  Media   Marketing  and  from  measuring   Social  ROI  to  developing   reputation  management;  they   will  bring  revenue,  engagement   and  success  to  your  company.”     Elizabeth  Hankey   Digital  Marketing  Manager   MLT  Vacations   Sole property of Ciceron, Inc.
  3. 3. Ciceron Digital Ecosystem STRATEGY THAT INFORMS. EXPERIENCES THAT DELIVER. ADVOCACY THAT SCALES. competitive positioning audience touchpoints industry positioning internal capabilities target audiences key performance indicators Strategy Digital Ecosystem Consumer Insights iza im h ht s tion Business Objectives insig s o op community management Brand Content ana l yt i cs website t t influencer relationships campaign integration recognition program email architecture Advocacy reviews and stories Experiences Conversation staff training branded communities mobile SEO / SEM media Content may not be altered or reproduced without proper attribution to Ciceron. Strategy: We identify the opportunities that arise at the intersection of your business goals, your audience needs and your ability to meet those needs. Experiences: We ensure your existing digital marketing programs are fully optimized, uncover opportunities to add value to your current experience, and set you on a course to achieve advocacy. Advocacy: We connect you with your brand advocates, create programs and experiences to energize those advocates and convert advocate actions into insights, understanding, and most importantly, business results.
  4. 4. Ciceron’s Strategic Framework Too often, strategies fail because they do not consider all aspects of the organization when developing the strategy. Success will only come when you bring all these layers together into a robust, integrated strategy. How does Ciceron make this happen? OPPORTUNITY Real Opportunities. Real Results. Opportunities become real only if your business objectives align with your customers’ needs and your ability to deliver on those needs. Internal Capabilities Drive Success. Understanding the maturity of your internal capabilities is an important consideration. The readiness of your people, technology, brand, and culture will shape a custom plan to help you realize your digital potential. Governance & Policy Support Scale. Scaling your digital efforts is one of the most challenging aspects of any digital strategy. Creating policies and governance models for your business is key to support your digital strategy and allow for growth.
  5. 5. The Ciceron Approach EFFORT Assess Prioritize Launch Optimize • Identify business and customer needs • Analyze market and competitive landscape • Determine internal capabilities and readiness to execute • Align opportunities to objectives and strategies • Develop immediate action plan • Provide future state channel roadmap • Realizing the opportunities by executing immediate action plan 10% You 90% Ciceron 30% You 70% Ciceron 25% You 75% Ciceron • Convert key learnings into meaningful and actionable insights • Apply insights to enhance performance 40% You 60% Ciceron
  6. 6. Why is a Digital Strategy Important? THE RISE OF DATA Top 5 Areas for Increased Spending: 61% Data & Analytics 60% Marketing Automation 61%  of  marketers   plan  to  increase  or   maintain  their  spend   for  data  &  analytics  in   2014   58% Email Marketing Social Media Marketing 57% Content Management 57% Source: ExactTarget 2014 State of Marketing
  7. 7. Why is a Digital Strategy Important? CONSUMER INSIGHTS & UNDERSTANDING CMO Digital Ambitions 3-5 Years Digitally Enabled Supply Chain Workforce Aligned to Opportunities Social Network Collaboration Analytics & Insights Integration of Cross Channel Touchpoints Today CMOs  want  to  put   the  components  of   a  strong  digital   strategy  in  place.   69% 11% 73% 13% 78% 20% 83% 13% 87% 16% Sources: IBM Global C-suite Study
  8. 8. Why is a Digital Strategy Important? ROI – RETURN ON INVESTMENT Top Challenges in Marketing 57% Measure ROI 44% Grow Social Presence Integrate w/ Sales 34% Monitoring Social 57%  of   marketers  state   measuring  ROI  as   their  top  challenge   34% Integrate w/ Offline Lack of Resources Lack of Budget 30% 28% Specific ROI Challenges Include: ü Tying efforts to actual business results ü Analyzing unstructured data ü Integrating data sources and CRM databases 25% Source: The State of Social Marketing Study
  9. 9. Digital Strategy Clients Due to the nature of this work, we are unable to share specific client examples. However, below is a list of clients Ciceron has worked with to develop a Digital Strategy: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  AgStar AmeriPride Services CHS, Inc. CSM Bakery Products Delta Vacations Hendricks Regional Health Hollywood Fashion Secrets Kona MakeMusic Meet Minneapolis Minnesota Historical Society National Institute for Marriage & Family •  TIAA-CREF
  10. 10. Get Your Digital Strategy Started Today Ciceron Strategy Services Include: Contact Us Today ü  Digital Strategy info@ciceron.com 612.204.1919 ü  Social Media Strategy ü  Advocacy Strategy ü  Content Marketing Strategy ü  Campaign Strategy ü  Channel Strategies -  Email Marketing -  Mobile -  Search (SEO/PPC) -  Paid Media -  Design & Website Usability