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Here is a quick presentation outlining the service offerings of Ci2i Services, Inc.

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Ci2i Services, Inc.

  1. 1. Ci2i Services, Inc.<br />
  2. 2. Who We Are?<br /><ul><li>Boutique consulting firm based in Bellevue, WA
  3. 3. Founded by Microsoft Professionals and SME’s
  4. 4. Made up of 20 highly qualified consultants who offer contract staffing solutions
  5. 5. Inc. 500 Company in 2010 - #398 fastest growing company in the USA
  6. 6. Ci2i is a minority woman owned vendor company, that has been adding value to various teams and projects at Microsoft for over 10 years.</li></li></ul><li>What We Do<br />End-to-End Project Management<br />Marketing Solutions<br />Design & Multimedia<br />Technology Outsourcing<br />Business Strategy & Analysis<br />
  7. 7. Marketing Solutions<br />Social Media development<br />Marketing Strategy<br /><ul><li>Ci2i Services views social media as a comprehensive marketing strategy
  8. 8. It is an exact science that requires management and maintenance
  9. 9. Social Media is extremely sensitive and can have huge PR consequences if executed poorly
  10. 10. Our consultants understand how Social Media can work with or against a company if it is not in line with the company platform
  11. 11. Implement discovery phase (interviews and research) to determine the next generation of products or services for client’s sector
  12. 12. Conduct:
  13. 13. Market segmentation
  14. 14. Forecasting
  15. 15. Pricing analysis
  16. 16. Product Comparison
  17. 17. Client interviews
  18. 18. SWOT and GAP analysis</li></li></ul><li>Marketing Research<br /><ul><li>We outsource our marketing research to Stratburg Marketing Research in India
  19. 19. They are committed to providing clients with business services that help them become more prominent and effective in their own areas of operation
  20. 20. Stratburg uses a combination of enhanced secondary research techniques that include:
  21. 21. Analysis of customer/industry/stakeholder/competitor etc.
  22. 22. Structured primary research methodologies for reliable data efficiency
  23. 23. Together, we charge $30/hr. to conduct comprehensive marketing research for your company and industry</li></li></ul><li>Design & Multimedia<br /><ul><li>Our consultants are skilled in programs such as Adobe Premire, Photoshop, and Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Macromedia Flash
  24. 24. Service offerings include:
  25. 25. Audio
  26. 26. Video
  27. 27. Digital Data presentation
  28. 28. Website design
  29. 29. Ecommerce technology</li></li></ul><li>Technology Outsourcing<br /><ul><li>By outsourcing your IT needs to Ci2i Services we can reduce your costs and provide the resources needed to develop efficient IT solutions for your company
  30. 30. IT service offerings include:
  31. 31. Software Architecture
  32. 32. Software Design Engineering
  33. 33. Quality Assurance
  34. 34. A consultant will come to you and develop systems that will best support your company for a low overhead rate</li></li></ul><li>Business Strategy & Analysis<br /><ul><li>Our consultants have experience in:
  35. 35. Industry Forecasting
  36. 36. Budget Management
  37. 37. Business Intelligence
  38. 38. Business Development
  39. 39. Competitive Strategy (Build vs. Buy)
  40. 40. Program Management </li></li></ul><li>Our Process<br /><ul><li>We will take the time to understand your requirements and work with you to find solutions that fit your needs and budgets.
  41. 41. We work with you to define a statement of work (SOW)
  42. 42. Being a Microsoft vendor company, we work through a Purchase order and follow standard Microsoft practices for invoicing and delivery
  43. 43. Our experience and expertise enables us to come to a project well prepared and are able to deliver on day one
  44. 44. We can offer this since all our consultants have prior Microsoft experience.</li></li></ul><li>“Our primary focus is to delight our customers.”<br /><br />Email:<br />P: (425)442-4830<br />2018 156TH Ave NE <br />Bellevue, WA 98007<br />Our consultants can help in each step of the process. Please give us a call to discuss your project.<br />
  45. 45. Thank you<br />