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  • The question I was often asked as a child/schoolboy in the 1950s and 1960s. We didn’t know about the Suffragettes. It wasn’t an issue in the post war period, and conflict went on in Korea, Kenya and Vietnam. So the answer I usually gave was
  • In 1970 I met Ann, and she became the new Mrs Pankhurst in 1973. She has aged much better than me! Then in 1974 the BBC broadcast a series of TV dramas about the Suffragettes and the WSPU, called Shoulder to Shoulder. My first real understanding of the history.
  • Another Grandson of the original Francis James was Richard Marsden Pankhurst. Cousin of my Great Great Grandfather.
  • Radical Lawyer, campaigned for women’s rights long before he married Emmeline.
  • Just a sample of what the Militantsuffragettes did.
  • Can we clarify and prioritise the problems, and then can we get the message across to Government, to Education, to young women and to young men!
  • Gordon pankhurst

    1. 1. Are you related to Mrs Pankhurst?
    2. 2. She is my mum!
    3. 3. I am married to her
    4. 4. Born in Kent and baptised at St Margaret's, Canterbury on 30.10.1785 Moved to Cheshire via Clerkenwell 14 Children Grandson Francis James Pankhurst Born 20 April 1845 Stoke on Trent Fishmonger and Fruiterer My Great Great Grandfather Francis James Pankhurst
    5. 5. Richard Marsden Pankhurst Born 1834 Lawyer Married Emmeline Goulden 18.12.1879 He was 45, she was 21 Another Grandson
    6. 6. Born Stoke on Trent – 1834 Family moved to Manchester Attended Manchester Grammar School University of London Called to the Bar 1867 The First Pankhurst Campaigner for Women’s rights Richard Marsden Pankhurst
    7. 7. Could not own property – it passed to their husband on marriage Could not make a will Could not keep her earnings Could not defend herself in divorce Could not claim support from her husband Had no legal control over their children Married women
    8. 8. 1866 Wrote the first petition to Parliament seeking women’s franchise Supported by Lydia Becker Presented by J S Mill Municipal Franchise Act 1869 Drafted an amendment to give vote in municipal elections to unmarried women householders Drafted the Married Women’s Property Acts 1870 &1882 Richard Pankhurst’s Contribution
    9. 9. Born 14.7.1858 – Bastille Day Radical parents – abolitionists Mother from Isle of Man Attended finishing school in France Married 18.12.1879 Five Children – dysfunctional family? Christabel 1880 Sylvia 1882 Frank 1884 Died 1888 Adela 1885 Harry 1889 Died 1910 Emmeline Pankhurst
    10. 10. March £7,000 April £14,110 May £36,475 June £54,000 July £25,100 August £10,250 September £51,800 October £10,500 November £9,200 December £54,490 Total £272,925 = £22M to £90M in 2013 1913 Major Arson Campaign
    11. 11. She was a Tory Stood as Conservative in 1928 Election - lost Didn’t campaign for other than the Vote What Would Mrs Pankhurst Do?
    12. 12. Sylvia Pankhurst “The best of the Pankhursts”
    13. 13. Artist Suffragette More hunger & thirst strikes than anyone Community Worker in War Nursery, Food distribution, Worked for Churchill in WW2 Socialist, if not Communist Anti fascist What Did Sylvia Do?
    14. 14. I had two careers IT Development Citizen’s Advice Bureau Worked with lots of successful women But lots of women failed to reach their potential Low expectations Education? Childcare and career break issues My Own Experience
    15. 15. The key in both was “You can’t solve the problem if you don’t understand it” Do we understand the problem? Does Westminster understand the Problem? How do we get it into their thick heads? Deeds Not Words