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Church App Solutions


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If you are looking for good church app solutions, Helix Mobile Media and The Ministry App can help. Helix Mobile Media can design a church app solution that is designed specifically to enhance, equip, and engage both believers and non-believers alike and in turn help your ministry spread the Gospel like never before.

Unfortunately, other church app solutions only provide a few main features, none of which provide the ability to communicate directly or interact with your congregation. However, we here at Helix Mobile Media providing effect church app solutions, believe that mobile technology should help further your ministry with apps like the Ministry App. This is why our church app solutions provide a way to enhance your ministry in a way that even other church app solutions never could.

Our church app solutions will empower you with the ability to maximize your ministry potential by providing all critical components to build effective and engaging apps for churches. Unlike other church app solutions, we don't just stop at Informational Content; we at Helix Mobile Media know how important Communication and Interaction is to a thriving ministry. Therefore, we have included these vital functions and customizable aspects within each of our apps to help your ministry DO ministry.

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Church App Solutions

  1. 1. CHURCH APP By Helix Mobile Media SOLUTIONS
  2. 2. CHURCH APP SOLUTIONS Church app solutions By Helix Mobile Media provides specialized church apps designed specifically to enhance your ministry Proper church app solutions help to equip your ministry with tools to engage both believers and non -believers alike and to spread the Gospel like never before through an app In the end, church app solutions should help your ministry thrive
  3. 3. CHURCH APP SOLUTIONS The church app solutions that Helix Mobile Media can provide creates a way for the church and the congregation to stay connected at all times. Helix Mobile Media goes so far as to include a prayer wall and a needs wall within their church app solutions for those times of needed prayer and support Through personalized church app solutions, your ministry will be connected to the Mobile and Social Media world providing countless support and growth opportunities
  4. 4. CHURCH APP SOLUTIONS Click the image below for a look at somechurch app solutions developed by Helix MobileMedia and to learn more about our customized church app solutions and Special Promotions!