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McDonald's online campaign


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Assignment 10 - Final Presentations Submitted - Slideshare

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McDonald's online campaign

  1. 1. McDonald’s online Campaign: “Create your own legend”
  2. 2. History • Corporate social responsibility • Positive image and reputation • Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  3. 3. Mission identification • Goals - Arouse customers’ interests toward the new product called legend of McRib - Encourage customers to donate money to Ronald McDonald House Charities +
  4. 4. Key message • when you purchase the new product - legend of McRib, McDonald’s will donate 1$ to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. • Imply that doing charities is a way to “create your own legend”
  5. 5. Execution time • Time Before Thanksgiving, November 15-22, 2010 • Purpose To help families whose children must stay at the hospital during Thanksgiving holiday
  6. 6. Integrated tactics Each social media plays different role Integration: the maximum media effect • Blog • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube
  7. 7. Blog • Create a touching story “a person who has devoted himself to be a volunteer to take care of children at the hospital for more than thirty years…” such an unknown person is actually a legend • Strategy: develop a topic for the public to discuss or even inspire them to do charities.
  8. 8. Facebook • Become a fan of RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities) Get a bigger drink when ordering McRib • Strategy: provide an incentive for customers to purchase the new McRib burger
  9. 9. Twitter • Use hashtag on Twitter, such as “legend burger” or “ legend person” • Strategy: increase the “legend” keyword search
  10. 10. YouTube • Collect interesting videos on YouTube Invite people to produce a video regarding “Who is the legend in your mind? • Strategy: let the public share videos links among all kinds of social media
  11. 11. Evaluation • Media outputs - Blog click rate, Facebook fans number, Twitter Hashtag number, and YouTube view rate • Actual outcomes - sales volumes of McRib - the total donation amount