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Creating milestones

Tutorial for creating Milestones in Zoho Project.

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Creating milestones

  1. 1. Creating Milestones
  2. 2. Creating Milestones • Navigate to the Project for which you want to create a Milestone • Click on the on the upper right- hand-side corner of the screen. • Enter the necessary information in the dialog: • Milestone title • Start Date/End Date • Owner • Flag (if applicable) • Click “Add” to save your newly created milestone
  3. 3. Creating Milestones • You can also create Milestones from your home menu by clicking “My Milestones” and then the • When creating a Milestone from your Home menu you must choose on the dialog the Project the milestone will belong to.
  4. 4. Creating Milestones • Once Milestones are created they show in this table. They are organized by name, Owner, start and end date and tasks completed. • You can filter the way milestones show by type of Milestone and Owner. • Milestone order cannot be rearranged from this page. If you want to rearrange the order you can do it on the “Tasks” tab on the menu.
  5. 5. Creating Milestones • Hover over the tasklist to reveal the settings button for this item • Click on the to access the settings menu • You can edit, mark as complete or delete the Milestone
  6. 6. Questions?