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Exclusive Offer For Study Group Members Only


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Take a look at the flyer from Dave Grant, CFP. Dave has created a series of financial planning videos that you can customize to fit into your practice. If you want to access them or chat with Dave let me know.

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Exclusive Offer For Study Group Members Only

  1. 1. Exclusive offer to 401(k) Study Group Members Have you ever wished you could provide financial planning information without spending much time on it? Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again? Wish there was an affordable way to provide on-demand content, with great audio quality, HD video and an easy-tounderstand presenter? Dave Grant, CFP®, founder of RIA Finance for Teachers, has produced many financial-based videos covering basic budgeting, creating your own financial plan, debt management, investing strategies for retirement, college savings tips, and more. He uses them with his clients and understands the leverage this can provide. He wants you to have that too. Dave has put together video packages that are licensed to advisors in the 401(k) Study Group. NO OTHER GROUP OR ADVISORS ARE BEING OFFERED THIS INCREDIBLE ACCESS! Contact Chuck Hammond to get video samples and find out more 717-632-4233