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Social networking for WNY IFT


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This presentation was prepared by Chuck Hall, Your Marketing Exec, LLC / C Social Systems to be shared with WNY IFT on 3/27/2012. This is the intellectual property of Chuck Hall, Your Marketing Exec, LLC.

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Social networking for WNY IFT

  1. 1. Social Networking –Power to the People! Chuck Hall, MSOD C Social Systems
  2. 2. It’s About Freedom To. . .• Communicate Openly• Assemble with Others• Control Our Own Destiny Social Networking Gives Power to the People!
  4. 4. Power to the People!• What Is Social Networking?• How Do I Use It to Create Value? Remember – with Freedom Comes Responsibility
  5. 5. Social NetworkingWikipedia:Building online communities ofpeople who share interests and/oractivities, or who are interested inexploring the interests andactivities of others.
  6. 6. Social MediaWikipedia:Social media are tools for socialinteraction, using highly accessible andscalable publishing techniques.Social media uses web-based technologiesto turn communication into interactivedialogues.
  7. 7. Seven Social Media Platforms• Twitter• Facebook• FourSquare• YouTube• LinkedIn• Pinterest• Google+
  8. 8. A Statistical View• Twitter: 500 million users• Facebook: 845 million users• Foursquare: 15 million users• YouTube: 800 million users• LinkedIn: 135 million users• Pinterest: 12 million users• Google+: 90 million users
  9. 9. A Donut View of Social Media
  10. 10. A Donut View of Social Media• Twitter: I am eating a donut.• Facebook: I like eating donuts.• FourSquare: This is where I eat donuts.• YouTube: Here’s a video of me eating donuts.• LinkedIn: My skills include donut eating.• Pinterest: My pictures and recipes for donuts.• Google+: I share my donuts with fellow geeks.
  11. 11. Common Aspects of Social Media• You• Others• Updates• Engagement• Relationships
  12. 12. Let’s Take a Closer Look at 3• LinkedIn – Your Living Resume• Facebook – Your Personal Connections/ Connections in Community (B2C)• Twitter – A Big, Nonstop Cocktail Party
  13. 13. LinkedIn: Your Living Resume
  14. 14. LinkedIn: You
  15. 15. LinkedIn: Your Experience
  16. 16. Linkedin: Your Education
  17. 17. Linkedin: Your Additional Info
  18. 18. LinkedIn: Your Reading List
  19. 19. Linkedin: Others
  20. 20. LinkedIn: Others
  21. 21. LinkedIn: Others
  22. 22. LinkedIn: Others – Groups
  23. 23. LinkedIn: Updates
  24. 24. Linkedin: Updates
  25. 25. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Search
  26. 26. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Search
  27. 27. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Search
  28. 28. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Search
  29. 29. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Search
  30. 30. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Groups
  31. 31. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Groups
  32. 32. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Groups
  33. 33. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Groups
  34. 34. LinkedIn: Engagement/ Groups
  35. 35. LinkedIn Recommendations• Get your resume and business information up on LinkedIn and connect with people you have worked with – it adds profound credibility!• Connect/reconnect with valuable people.• Strategically engage in groups and discussions.
  36. 36. LinkedIn: Learning More
  37. 37. Facebook: Personal & Community
  38. 38. Facebook: You
  39. 39. Facebook: You/ Timeline
  40. 40. Facebook: You/ About
  41. 41. Facebook: You/ Photos
  42. 42. Facebook: Others/ Friends
  43. 43. Facebook: Others/ Find Friends
  44. 44. Facebook: Others/ Find Friends
  45. 45. Facebook: Updates
  46. 46. Facebook: Updates + Engagement
  47. 47. Facebook: Engagement/ Timeline
  48. 48. Facebook: Engagement/ Groups
  49. 49. Facebook: Engagement/ Business
  50. 50. Facebook: Engagement/Business
  51. 51. Facebook: Engagement/ Business
  52. 52. Facebook: Engagement/ Business
  53. 53. Facebook: Engagement/ Business
  54. 54. Facebook: Engagement/ Business
  55. 55. Facebook: Engagement/ Business
  56. 56. FaceBook Recommendations• If you have friends and family, and are community based, get on facebook personally.• Support and promote nonprofit and community organizations.• Look at other businesses and create a business page when/if you are ready to share ideas, information and conversation.
  57. 57. Facebook: Help
  58. 58. Twitter: Nonstop Cocktail Party
  59. 59. Twitter: You
  60. 60. Twitter: Others / Following
  61. 61. Twitter: Others/ Followers
  62. 62. Twitter: Others/ Lists
  63. 63. Twitter: Updates
  64. 64. Twitter: Updates
  65. 65. Twitter: Engagement: Reply
  66. 66. Twitter: Engagement/ Retweet
  67. 67. Twitter: Engagement/ Search
  68. 68. Twitter: Engagement/ Tweetdeck
  69. 69. Twitter Recommendations• Create an account, including photo, profile information and a link to your website.• Begin posting items of value to others and retweeting valuable information.• Prudently follow and engage valuable people.
  70. 70. Twitter: Help
  72. 72. Getting the Business Benefit“Let me make this clear:there are no secrets. None.There is no new information.What it took to be successfula thousand years ago is exactlywhat it takes to be successful today.” – Larry Winget
  73. 73. The Business Value Fundamentals of Business Your Organization as a System People, Technology: Integrated, Productive Approach
  74. 74. Fundamentals of BusinessThe purpose of business is to create a customer. –Peter DruckerFive Questions: What is our mission? Who is our customer? What does the customer value? What are our results? What is our plan?
  75. 75. It’s the Relationship!Too often, people focus on thetechnology – the tools:LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. Butit’s really about how these toolshelp us form stronger relationships–More Powerful Social Networks!
  76. 76. Strategic Marketing Principles• Experience – What is your business? – Who are your customers? – What are your business goals?• Insight – What do you do that is special? – Who do you want as customers; who else wants them? – What makes you different?• Action – What are you going to say? – What tactics should you use? – How are you keeping score?
  77. 77. Your Organization as a SystemOutside Inside Public Relations Engaged Employees Marketplace Engagement Employee Engagement Public & Partners Value Value Creation Recognition Knowledge Brand Management Management Value Communication & Action Customer Relations
  78. 78. People and Technology
  79. 79. So What Do You Do?• Business Strategy: What Do You Most Want from Social Networking?• What Is the 1 – ONE! – Tool that Will Best Help You Do This?• Jump in and Master It!• Lather, Rinse, Repeat
  80. 80. Social Networking –Power to the People! Chuck Hall, MSOD C Social Systems
  81. 81. ContactChuck Hall, MSODC Social SystemsYour Marketing Exec, LLCwww.CSOSys.comch@csosys.com866-606-7686@ChuckHall