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Moulding athletes of tomorrow: Push the Limits


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Moulding athletes of tomorrow: Push the Limits

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Moulding athletes of tomorrow: Push the Limits

  1. 1. MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  2. 2. Overview •Introduction to our project •Life journey of Dr William TanMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow •Importance of Perseverance •Target Group
  3. 3. Overview •Camp: “Push-The-Limits” •Benefits to wider communityMouldingAthletes of •Evaluation of our projectTomorrow •Conclusion
  4. 4. Aim of project •Singapore will be hosting the Youth Olympics Games in 2010 •Important that Singapore upholds its pride and enhanceMouldingAthletes of competitiveness of home-grownTomorrow athletes •Local athletes are able to face strong challenges from international competitors
  5. 5. Project outline •Aim to inculcate perseverance into 30 elite athletes from Swift Athletics Association (SAA) •Major in long distance runningMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow •Undergo a 2-day camp – “Push The Limits” •Focusing on Dr Tan’s Antarctica marathon due to his perseverance ignited in the journey
  6. 6. MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  7. 7. Biography of Dr. William Tan •Contracted polio at age of 2 •Neuroscientist and MedicalMouldingAthletes of DoctorTomorrow •Not allowed to engage in physical activities since young
  8. 8. •Covets ameaningful life-wanted tomake his lifecount.
  9. 9. •Startedengagingin sportsrelatedactivities
  10. 10. Biography of Dr. William Tan •Chance upon a paralysed former policeman, Mr Wahid Baba, in The Straits TimeMoulding •Mr Wahid Baba pioneered wheelchairAthletes ofTomorrow sports in Singapore •Began training under his guidance •Had his talent discovered by Mr Wahid Baba
  11. 11. Don’t worry aboutyour disability. It’spart of your life.You’ve got to dowhatever youcan.- Abdul WahidBaba
  12. 12. Introduction to Dr. William Tan’s Journey •Antarctica Marathon – King George Island •Rejected at first as no wheelchairMoulding athletes had participated beforeAthletes ofTomorrow •Manage to convince Thom Gilligan (race director) to allow him to participate
  13. 13. Harsh conditions experienced •Dr Tan’s Wheelchair sank two feet into the quicksand- liked mudMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow •Did not anticipate the mud •His poorly designed racing chair spoilt due to extreme coldness
  14. 14. Turning Point in his life •Realised he had not enough time to complete full marathon •Officials told him he would bust theMoulding time limit of a full marathonAthletes ofTomorrow •Can only complete the half marathon and get a medal for it •Proves to be a turning point as he has not failed before
  15. 15. Through thismarathon, I hadgrown to learnthat there will beresilience whenyou push theboundaries.–Dr William Tan
  16. 16. “I had learnt tonever take no asan answer and tolearn fromsetbacks andnever repeatthem again.” –Dr. William Tan
  17. 17. “The race is anincredible challengefor fit, able-bodiedrunners. Tan’s featwas a tremendousdisplay ofperseverance ofwhat the humanspirit canaccomplish. –Tom Gilligan
  18. 18. IMPORTANCE OF PERSEVERANCE •Ability to persevere against all odds is a main character trait of successful peopleMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow •“perseverance” is one of the most important attributes an athletes can possess to perform successfully
  19. 19. MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  20. 20. Target Group •30 elite athletes from Swift Athletics Association •SAA youth athletes, aged 16MouldingAthletes of to 18 are chosenTomorrow •Athletes who majored in long distance running
  21. 21. Location Of The Camp
  22. 22. MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  23. 23. Sharing Session By Dr William Tan held at the Singapore Sports  Council (SSC)MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow Talks about managing and overcoming his difficulties Question-&-Answer session after the talk
  24. 24. 100% Pertinacity Participants will stand in a row about 50m from start line  Objective to travel from start line to end lineMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow Not allowed to repeat travelling  means
  25. 25. Road To Success •Objective of this activity is to climb till the 72-storey of Swissotel without giving up •Participants are paired up withMoulding each of their legs tied togetherAthletes ofTomorrow •Some of the stairs will be intertwined with raffia strings •Balls will be fixed firmly to stairs
  26. 26. Strings Balls
  27. 27. Safety Precautions Qualified First-Aiders from the  Red-Cross Humanitarian club in NYJC will be presentMoulding Volunteers of SSC will beAthletes ofTomorrow present Athletes are allowed to use railings during climb
  28. 28. Icy Freeze •Held in Singapore Sports Council •3 groups of 10 •Legs immersed in a makeshift ice-bathMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow •Balance a board on their heads •Team with the highest accumulate timing will emerge victorious
  29. 29. Makeshift Ice- Leg Immersed in Bath ice bath
  30. 30. Safety Precautions •A maximum of 3 minutes will only be allowed for every participantMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  31. 31. MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  32. 32. Snow Explosion •Snow slope at Snow City •Lie on a flat slippery board with Legs bounded by a stringMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  33. 33. HangINg There! •Divide themselves into 2 groups of 15 •Form human chain down the slopeMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow •Tennis balls in between their hands •No boards are used •Participant at the bottom of the slope to pick up a marble
  34. 34. HangINg There! •Throw it into a container •Detached from the chain •Process repeatedMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow •Human chain must not break •Time limit: 1 hour •Group with highest number of marbles wins
  35. 35. MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  36. 36. Target Group •Secondary and tertiary school students •Niche area is in track and field •About the same age as the SAAMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow participants •Therefore relate well between the SAA participants and the target group
  37. 37. Push-the-Limit Road Show! •Conducted in the school hall •In a maze form •Interesting posters and footprints will be put upMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  38. 38. Layout of Maze
  39. 39. Poster FootprintSick of thoSe boring training? Want to be fit at the Same time battle againSt your inner Self? Then come and join uS in Push your limits! Our greatest glory comes in not never falling, but rising every time we fall.
  40. 40. Booth
  41. 41. Push-the-Limits Road Show! •Booth providing free distribution of CDs •CDs containing highlights of the campMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  42. 42. Video Snippets
  43. 43. Talk by SAA participants •SAA participants invited to give talk on stage •Share first hand experience to students •Share how the camp instillsMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow perseverance
  44. 44. SSC and SAA counter •Collaborating with SSC and SAA •To discover potential athletes for the Youth OlympicsMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  45. 45. MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  46. 46. Strengths •Feasibility of project i) Its scope is manageable , focusing on Singapore Youth athletes. ii) Difficulties, for example, site of camp and sponsorship had been solvedMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  47. 47. Strengths •Effectiveness of project i) Very physically demanding to overcome, catering to the needs of active athletes ii) Allows the participants to transcendMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow beyond their mental and physical limits to persevere in our camp
  48. 48. Strengths iii) Our camp is similar to Dr Tan’s journey, which had effectively inculcated perseverance in him iv) Therefore, there is high possibility that our camp is effective.MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  49. 49. Strengthsv) 80% of SAA athletes think that our camp is Further supported by Dr Tan in his interviewDo you think that the activities proposed are effective in bringing out perseverance? No 20% Yes Yes 80% No
  50. 50. Strengthsvii) Different athletes have differentlearning styles; so, we craft the campto suit their styles Visualviii) learners Kinesthetic Auditory
  51. 51. Strengths • Activities are new or modified, providing the thrill and excitement.Moulding •Dr. Tan will be sharing his lifeAthletes ofTomorrow journey, motivating athletes to persevere in the camp
  52. 52. Limitations •Too physically demanding •Participants may forget the camp’s objective and give up •Hire a trainer from TheMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow Absorbent Mind.
  53. 53. Limitations •Too risky •Briefed on the safety precautions •Snow Explosion and HangINgMoulding =Athletes ofTomorrow There!, layer the bottom of the slope with a mattress
  54. 54. Limitations •Project on a small scale •only elite athletes will be able to participate and benefit. •They can be ambassadors ofMouldingAthletes ofTomorrow perseverance and spread their perseverance to the wider community.
  55. 55. MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow
  56. 56. Conclusion83% of SAA athletes rarely orsometimes undergo mental training inperseverance. How often do you all undergo mental toughness training as compared to physical training?
  57. 57. Conclusion •Our 2-day camp can successfully inculcate perseverance in them. •They in turn benefit the wider community.Moulding •Allowing potential athletes toAthletes ofTomorrow persevere and soar to great heights in their sports career and the Youth Olympics.
  58. 58. MouldingAthletes ofTomorrow