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Destruction of Trees Population in Sever do Vouga


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Destruction of Trees Population in Sever do Vouga

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Destruction of Trees Population in Sever do Vouga

  1. 1. Catarina Hipólito Tavares de CarvalhoDestruction of treespopulation in Sever do Vouga
  2. 2. Main Species of Trees in Sever Until some years ago, Sever was known by its diversity of tree species. We had oaks, pines, orange trees, chestnut trees, olive trees and a lot more.
  3. 3. Portuguese Pine Oak
  4. 4. Orange Tree Chestnut tree
  5. 5. olive tree
  6. 6. Nowadays, this diversity of tree species has beginning toget lost. There are many reasons why these trees started disappearing, but I will only name and talk about two: Invasive species and forest fires.
  7. 7. Invasive SpeciesThere are two main invasive species in Sever do Vouga, the eucalyptus and the acacia tree.
  8. 8. EucalyptusThe eucalyptus was introduced in Sever doVouga around 500 years ago. Its mainlyused as wood for making paper and aswood for fireplaces. Since they don’t needto be planted again once they’re cut (theygrow again) they turned into very populartrees to be planted in Sever as they are verylucrative.
  9. 9. They are considered invasive speciesbecause they absorb most of the soil waterleading to the other trees’ death anddesertification. eucalyptus
  10. 10. Acacia TreeNo one really knows how the Acacia treeended up in Sever do Vouga.It is probably the most invasive species inPortugal, and Sever is not safe from thisplague.They need a lot of water, so they absorb allthe water they are able to, causing theother trees’ death.
  11. 11. Some studies are being conducted byPortuguese and German scientists in orderto prevent this plague from spreading more. yellow acacia
  12. 12. The Forest FiresIn Sever do Vouga, fires are mainly causedby the high temperatures in the summerand the by the people’s carelessness.They are, alongside with the invasive treespecies, the main cause for the decay ofSever’s flora.
  13. 13. The population’s role in thepreservation of this treesspeciesSince Sever has always been known by itsfauna and flora, the population started tobe conscious about the problem of thedecay of trees in our county.
  14. 14. Alongside the county hall, Severenses havestarted to plant trees, make other peopleaware of the problem and help to preserveour autochthonous tree species as thepines, the oats, the olive trees, the chestnuttrees, among others…
  15. 15. The End