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Chrysalis healthcare other products and services 2011


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An introduction to our new product technologies for the food supplement sector

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Chrysalis healthcare other products and services 2011

  1. 1. Chrysalis HealthcareNew products & MedicinesSales & Technical Services
  2. 2. Contents• Chrysalis- who we are what we do?• Unique and new Technologies• Standard Products for Private label and supply.• Your New product design and delivery.• Our Sales & Marketing services to increase your sales• Contact and Enquiry information
  3. 3. Introduction to Chrysalis: Who we are • Chrysalis Health & Beauty Limited is a UK based Sales, Marketing and technical services company. • Chrysalis offer a full range of healthcare products for branded and private label for UK and overseas clients. • Our Key skills are both commercial and technical, we offer a one stop sales and customer service solution to global partners for raw materials and finished products. • We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and ability to innovate, we offer new delivery formats, formulation development and packaging solutions for your products & brands. • We work with retail, pharmacy, direct mail & wholesale partners for both branded and private label products to increase your sales.
  4. 4. Chrysalis New & Unique Products
  5. 5. Chrysalis Products and services • We work with a number of unique service providers offering new and innovative products for food supplements and OTC medicinal’s. • We can offer many of these products under private label or for distribution under the named brand both for UK & Export countries. • In additional to our standard dosage formats we can offer, specific products for:- • Novel formats such as Concordix • Fortified food products • Medical devices • Licensed medicinals. • New packaging and promotional formats • For an up to date list of products & pricing for bulk and packed supply contact us at
  6. 6. ConcordixConcordix is a new presentation format for food supplements which not onlyboasts excellent taste properties but is also very easy to consume making dosing tothe young and old easy.Concordix is a technology owned by Ayanda AS in Norway, Chrysalis areUK agents for Ayanda for Concordix.The following slides provide some background on Concordix for samplesand further details please contact us directly.Concordix is a chewable “jelly” which uniquely contains emulsified oils which canbe added at very high dose.Concordix- tastes great and has significantly improved bioavailability overconventional dosage forms.
  7. 7. ConcordixThe standard emulsion principle • Increases the surface around the active ingredient • Allows the body to more easily digest and absorb the ingredient Water phase Oil phase containing active ingredients
  8. 8. ConcordixThe ConCordix™ emulsion principle Oil Soft gel capsule ConCordix oil / water Concordix is a Water and protein matrix - A “gelled” water phase
  9. 9. Concordix- is a ready emulsion Oil in gastric juice Concordix in gastric juiceStandard oils or soft gels ConCordix emulsion effect
  10. 10. Concordix Enhanced bioavailability 300 ConCordix resulted in 40% greater AUC (0-26 h) for 120 total omega-3 compared with the gelatin capsule 100 250 a) EPA c) EPA + DHA 80 200 60 150 40 100 ConCordix resulted in 44% greater AUC (0-26 h) 50 20 for EPA compared with the soft gelatin capsule 0 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Time (hours) 140Mean blood plasma concentration Concordix-TG Softgel-TG 120 b) DHA 100 (µg/mL) 80 Mean blood plasma concentrations of (a) 60 EPA, (b) DHA, and (c) EPA + DHA from time zero to 26 hours post administration 40 of triglycerides via GSE vehicles and soft 20 gelatin capsules. 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30
  11. 11. ConcordixConcordix is available in a number of standard product formats for private label.Concordix technology can be used to develop your own new product. - Great taste - Improved bioavailability - Unique formatPlease contact us with your enquiries.
  12. 12. Chrysalis Fortified Food productsWe are experts in formulation & therefore how to include vitamins,minerals and other nutrients into “true foods”.We can offer formulation development, prototype samples to bringyour products to life. Our expertise allows the safe and effectiveaddition of nutrients to foods to maximise best taste and long termstability.We can offer this service in liquids as well as solid food products.If you would like to discuss any such development work pleasecontact us to discuss your requirement.
  13. 13. Chrysalis Medical devicesWe have access to a host of medical devices covering manydifferent therapeutic functions and testing requirements, below arejust some we have available:--Pregnancy testing- Ovulation testing- Head lice treatment- Eye Wash- Eye moisturiser- Cold Sore Patches- Nasal “decongestant” inhalers- Alcohol testing kit (breath test)- Sexual health productsPlease contact us for full details.
  14. 14. Chrysalis Medicinal productsWe have access to a host of licensed products and dossiers readyfor EU registration. These products cover the following therapeuticareas and API’s:-- Analgesics, Parcetamol and Ibuprofen- Gastro Intestinal health Loperamide- Antibacterial- First Aid wash- Cystitis relief sachets- Mouth ulcer treatment- Cough & Cold treatmentPlease contact us for full details of our products and dossiers.
  15. 15. Chrysalis Packaging optionsWe have access to all standard packaging types for solid & liquiddose products.We specialise in packaging solutions for direct mail and mail orderclients to minimise product shipping costs.We offer unit dose packaging solutions for solid and liquidproducts, to make them more portable, convenient and suitable forproduct promotion. - Bottles - Sachets & pouches - Stick packs - Post friendly bottles (liquids and tablets) <25mm thick. - Blister packs
  16. 16. Do you have a new product idea or concept you would like to develop? Chrysalis can realise and deliver your products.
  17. 17. Design & Deliver your own Product ConceptChrysalis provide the following new product development services • Technical and regulatory advice Concept • Product ideas & options • Prototypes & samples Design • Pricing & supply options • Commercial orders & delivery Supply • Sales, marketing and distribution
  18. 18. Sales & Marketing Services Our Sales & Marketing expertise will help grow your business.Increase UK sales Sell Online Export sales Through From web site Develop new conventional design, hosting, overseas markets retailers in SEO & order & into new sales pharmacy, mass fulfilment. We channels viaretail, independent cover both direct to distributor andhealth food stores consumer & wholesalers inand through online wholesale trade Europe, Asia and agents. client sales. the USA.
  19. 19. How can we be of Service? • Would you like details of our standard products and prices, we can offer either bulk or packed solutions. • Challenge us to design your next new formula or unique presentation format. • If you have a new product idea we can bring it to life and offer you a commercial solution for supply. • We can offer improved cost of goods and solve your technical or quality problems. • Customer is king at Chrysalis, our customer service is second to none. • Just drop us an email or call +44 115 9771054
  20. 20. For further information about our company,products and services, please visit our website: +44 115 9771054