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Chrysalis healthcare introduction capsules 2011


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An introduction to our Food Supplement capsule supply

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Chrysalis healthcare introduction capsules 2011

  1. 1. Chrysalis Healthcare Capsule TechnologySales & Technical Services
  2. 2. Contents• Chrysalis- who we are what we do?• Capsule technology and capability• Our Standard Products for Private label and supply.• Your New product design and delivery.• Our Sales & Marketing services to increase your sales• Contact and Enquiry information
  3. 3. Introduction to Chrysalis: Who we are • Chrysalis Health & Beauty Limited is a UK based Sales, Marketing and technical services company. • Chrysalis offer a full range of healthcare products for branded and private label for UK and overseas clients. • Our Key skills are both commercial and technical, we offer a one stop sales and customer service solution to global partners for raw materials and finished products. • We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and ability to innovate, we offer new delivery formats, formulation development and packaging solutions for your products & brands. • We work with retail, pharmacy, direct mail & wholesale partners for both branded and private label products to increase your sales.
  4. 4. Chrysalis Capsule Technology & Capability
  5. 5. Chrysalis Standard Range of Capsules • We supply a range of food supplement Capsules to UK and export clients, including:- • Vitamins, single and in combination • Minerals, single and in combination • Natural herbs and extracts • Oils, single and in combination • We have a database of over 200 products and can offer most in a multiple of packaging options or supplied in bulk. • We can supply both hard and soft capsules in gelatin and vegetable capsule formats. • For an up to date list and pricing for bulk and packed supply please contact us.
  6. 6. Chrysalis Capsule TechnologiesHard shell 2 piece capsules. One piece Soft gel capsules.- Gelatin and vegetarian - Gelatin and vegetarian hard 2 piece capsules. soft gel capsules.- All colours and sizes - Round, oval and oblong shapes size 2-22.- Flexible batch sizes - Flexible batch sizes- Blister, bottle and tub packs. - Blister, bottle and tub packs.
  7. 7. Chrysalis Capsule TechnologiesWe offer various functional & aesthetic coatings for besteffect &efficacy. Enteric coated, delayed release Unique colour Coated.
  8. 8. Do you have a new product idea or concept you would like to develop? Chrysalis can develop & deliver your products.
  9. 9. Design & Deliver your own Product ConceptChrysalis provide the following new product development services • Technical and regulatory advice Concept • Product ideas & options • Prototypes & samples Design • Pricing & supply options • Commercial orders & delivery Supply • Sales, marketing and distribution
  10. 10. Sales & Marketing Services Our Sales & Marketing expertise will help grow your business.Increase UK sales Sell Online Export sales Through From web site Develop new conventional design, hosting, SE overseas markets retailers in O & order & into new sales pharmacy, mass fulfilment. We channels viaretail, independent cover both direct to distributor andhealth food stores consumer & wholesalers inand through online wholesale trade Europe, Asia and agents. client sales. the USA.
  11. 11. How can we be of Service? • Would you like details of our standard products and prices, we can offer either bulk or packed solutions. • Challenge us to design your next new formula or unique presentation format. • If you have a new product idea we can bring it to life and offer you a commercial solution for supply. • We can offer improved cost of goods and solve your technical or quality problems. • Customer is king at Chrysalis, our customer service is second to none. • Just drop us an email or call +44 115 9771054
  12. 12. For further information about our company,products and services, please visit our website: