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MKTG 347 AMP Energy Campaign Presentation


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This is the presentation slides for our AMP Energy Campaign. Read this if you don't want to read/skim our full campaign project.

MKTG 347- Advertising/Creative Marketing
Assignment: to create a 360 degree campaign for AMP Energy
See documents in SlideShare starting with MKTG 347.
To see the video it must be downloaded.

My Involvement:
In this campaign I played the role of both the account manager and account planner at the same time. I had my hands in every single step of the project, from the research to the creative execution.

After coming up with our campaign slogan, the basic idea of using the Vitruvian Man was my idea and ended up leading our campaign in a new and innovative direction.

For the creative work, the actual drawings were done by my teammate Kyndal Teich and all the graphic designs where done by me through the use of Microsoft Office software and Paint.

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MKTG 347 AMP Energy Campaign Presentation

  1. 1. Team #11 Joshua Vicari Kyndal TeichChrysah Pederson Carli Smith
  2. 2. Key Research Findings• 4th in market share with 5.1% • AMP has decreased from 6.8% in 2011• Advertising • Directed to more extreme lifestyle • Survey respondents did not relate to current advertising
  3. 3. Key Research Findings• Target Market • 18-24 year old males • College related activities • Young Fathers • Family activities • Work activities • Everyday stressors • ALL SEEK ENERGY BOOSTS!!!
  4. 4. Platform Statement“We propose that AMP Energy focus advertisingefforts away from extreme sports, and instead,reach out to young men who simply need theextra boost of energy to complete ‘everyday’responsibilities. “
  5. 5. Campaign Objectives• To increase AMP Energy’s awareness by 15% among 18-24 year old male college students.• To increase AMP Energy’s awareness by 10% among 25-34 year old fathers.
  6. 6. School ProjectsWork Exams College Students Social Life
  7. 7. Career Wife Kids Young Fathers PersonalBoss Activities
  8. 8. Vitruvian Man
  9. 9. Dan “The Balance Man” Jones• Who is Dan B. Jones?… • 25 years old • Good looking • Approachable • Relatable • Wants to help YOU achieve Balance!
  10. 10. Some Quick Tips from Dan “The Balance Man” Jones• Studying for Finals• Facing Problems at Work• Family Life• And so on…..• Seasonal Topics Can Include: • Christmas Shopping with Rambunctious Kids • How to Prepare Your Home for the Ultimate Super Bowl Party • And so on…..
  11. 11. Campaign Schedule• Start: February during the Super Bowl• Promotes the following holidays and events: •The Super Bowl •Thanksgiving •Valentine’s Day •Black Friday •Father’s Day •Christmas •Independence Day •New Years •Halloween
  12. 12. Campaign Budget• Estimated $30 Million
  13. 13. Internet and Social Media• 18-25 year old males use the internet just under 7 hours per day• 25-34 year old use the internet less but both use much of this time on social media
  14. 14. Video Blog• Weekly entries• Topics will include college advice, work advice, parent advice, and current event advice• Minimal costs
  17. 17. Cartoon Dan VS Real Dan
  19. 19. MOBILE APP Invest in yourself. Material things come to those that have self actualized “ANNOYING BOSSES”
  22. 22. BANNER AD
  23. 23. Commercial• Target Markets watch 2.5 hours of TV per day• 30-second teaser of the blog• Most expensive advertising
  25. 25. Public Transportation• 18-25 year old males spend about an hour and a half on public transportation per day
  26. 26. BILLBOARD
  27. 27. BUS AD
  28. 28. Product Placement: In-game Advertising• College students and young fathers expressed playing video games as a common interest
  29. 29. IN-GAME AD
  30. 30. Is It Effective?• Measuring online traffic – # of Dan followers on Facebook and Twitter – # of views for video blogs – Click-thru rates for banner ads• Tracking general sales – Increase or Decrease?• Survey conducted before and after the campaign to measure Awareness of AMP Energy
  31. 31. Why It Will Be Effective?• Differentiation from competition – Not going with the extremist lifestyle focus in advertising• Direct source of communication through Internet and social media• Target market finds Dan “The Balance Man” Jones relevant to their own lives
  32. 32. Question?