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Cowes community

  2. 3. COWES Cowes is one of the many towns which are based near the sea here in the Isle of Wight. Cowes is known to be one of the many popular places where people do sailing since it is very close to the sea. During the event known as Cowes Week, people gather from many places in order to watch the sailing race.
  3. 5. This photo shows the area of the sea where people are sailing (or starting to sail). This photo uses the framing technique in order to focus the photo on the boats which are sailing at the sea. With the framing effect, it also adds a foreground interest as the banisters are much more clearly shown. It only focuses on the sailing boats therefore it has only one focal point. This photo is showing the sailing part of Cowes. It keeps the general idea about the people sailing in Cowes as they are very close to the sea.
  4. 7. These are the cannons which are used during events. Here we see Kei taking photos for his photography work as well. This photo uses the Leading line rule. It allows the viewer to focus on the multiple cannons which are displayed in a arc like line. It gives a general sense of direction. For this I have also managed to achieve a background interest. Looking closely at the photo, the foreground is blurred, this makes the background stand out more. These cannons are mainly used for events, they are also fired at some times just to see if they still function. We are lucky to have been able to take pictures of these cannons as they have now been put away and will not be in show for some time.
  5. 9. The Lion of Cowes! This picture shows the lion statues which are displayed by the Esplanade in Cowes. This lion in my opinion represents the three lions logo of England. It is a very simple photo taken from a certain focal point. Again I have used the foreground interest in order to make the lion stand out, this makes the lion statue look like a mighty figure. The light of the sun also helps make the lion statue stand out. Like I have mentioned before, I believe the lion is representing the Three Lions logo of England. The Three Lion logo represents England in major events such as the World Cup and seeing this lion shows that Cowes has pride being a part of England which I respect.
  6. 11. The seafront of Cowes. This photo shows the sea and the beach area which is apparently made up of stones. To make this photo look more interesting, I took this photo on ground level, making it look like a worms eye view of the sea. The camera has automatically adjusted its focus in order to create a background interest. This is the area of Cowes where most people swim during the summer. It mostly gives the idea of summer where people will swim, but since it is winter… yeah it’s empty.