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Mobile Website vs Mobile App


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If you're planning to establish(#startup) a mobile presence for your business or organization in the market then the first thing that will likely to come to mind is whether you want to create a mobile application for users to download (app) or a mobile website, or perhaps both as both looks similar at first glance.

So, here we are just trying bring a clear picture of pros and cons of Mobile App and Website.

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Mobile Website vs Mobile App

  1. 1. Mobile Website Mobile Apps VS
  2. 2. Mobile Websites
  3. 3. Use of browser-based Internet services Using smartphone or feature phones, through a mobile or other wireless network
  4. 4. Mobile App
  5. 5. Available for distribution platforms Install app from an app marketplace
  7. 7. Consider Your Business
  8. 8. Know Your Goal
  9. 9. Know Your Audience
  10. 10. WHICH IS BETTER?
  11. 11. Updates & Maintenance Discover-ability Reliability Time & Cost Audience PARAMETERS Implementation 3 6 4 5 2 1
  12. 12. Audience Instantly accessible to users via a browser Required devices like iPhone, Android, Windows , BlackBerry Etc - Install the app from an app marketplace - How frequently these people engage with your brand or business 1 Mobile Website Mobile App
  13. 13. 2 Mobile Website Mobile App Implementation Publish as a website Immediate availability May require a submission process - Required download and install process
  14. 14. 3 Mobile Website Mobile App Easily updated immediate changes with a browser refresh Easy Maintenance iTunes required a resubmission process - Updates on multiple devices OS High Maintenance Updates & Maintenance
  15. 15. 4 Mobile Website Mobile App Time & Cost Less expensive to build Time consuming One code that works on all phones More expensive to build Less time consuming Requiring multiple devices as per OS
  16. 16. 5 Mobile Website Mobile App Susceptible to slowness or service unavailability Standalone – it does not need a cellular data network or external services to function - Reliable data networks - Availability Offline Reliability
  17. 17. 6 Mobile Website Mobile App Discover-ability When people are looking for information, they go to Google, not the app store Reach more customers Easier for a visitor to find on their device - More interactive user interface - Offline map Reach to individuals with appropriate device
  18. 18. ABOUT Us We are ChromeInfo Technologies, a Mobile App Development, Web Development and Software Testing company with development center in India. Mobile Application Development Android Application Development iPhone Application Developments iPad Application Development Web Development Software Testing
  19. 19. Follow Us
  20. 20. THANK YOU