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A Journey From Objective C to Swift


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Objective-C programming has changed forever with the introduction of Swift.With the introduction of swift, Lets have a look at journey from objective c which was created at stepstone Comapny in early 1980's to swift announced by apple

iOS Application Development will be one more easy with Swift. According to the new research of Gartner, Apple – with more than 1.2 billion units sold worldwide- exponentially increasing the need for iOS Applications Development ; and this opens a huge space for the iOS Application in the wortld of business.

Here are some factors why? Swift was released as the replacement for the objective C. As of Swift have lots of advantages over Objective C, Let's Take a look into it
1. Swift support variable declaration by var keyword. It seem familiar to C# developer. There are no more datatype declaration. For examples: var x = 1 and var y = "1" is different. x is a numeric var and y is string var. So you don't have to assign it for specified datatype. It understand what your mean.
2. Swift support Optionals. An Optional var could be assigned with value or nil.
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A Journey From Objective C to Swift

  2. 2. Objective-C was created at the Stepstone company in the early 1980s by Brad Cox and Tom Love “ ”
  3. 3. 35 years old Never Ending Pride…..
  4. 4. Best Programming Language That Turns to Trend…..
  5. 5. “Change is the law of life” – John F. Kennedy
  6. 6. That Left Everything Behind………. Huge surprise at WWDC 2014
  7. 7. An announced made by Apple for change in programming language for iOS and OS X “ ”
  8. 8. Change Ahead……… New programming language
  9. 9. Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles “ ”
  10. 10. For iOS and OSX......... Swift- For Beinginners
  11. 11. Shift to SWIFT – The need for something new Why Apple chose to adopt swift as new change?
  12. 12. Shift to SWIFT for better results…………. Advantages of swift over Objective C
  13. 13. EASIER TO READ Objective C Introduced new keywords using the @ symbol Follow legacy conventions Ugly duckling used Swift It isn’t built on C, it can unify all the keywords and remove the numerous @ symbols Drops legacy conventions Readability makes it easier
  14. 14. Objective C Swift EASIER TO MAINTAIN Maintain two code files requirement Manually synchronize method between files, but this isn’t guaranteed unless the team has rules and code reviews in place. Drops the two-file requirement Programmers do less bookkeeping and can spend more time creating app logic
  15. 15. Objective C Swift SAFER Pointers interesting aspect – particularly nil (null) pointers Swift code generate a compiler error -Write bad code creating a short feedback loop -Allowing the person to fix the problem
  16. 16. Objective C Swift MEMORY MANAGEMENT ARC is supported within the Cocoa APIs and object- oriented code, It is not available, for procedural C code and APIs like Core Graphics Low Performance in different case Support for Automatic Reference Counting is complete across the procedural and object-oriented code paths Automatic and high- performance memory management
  17. 17. Objective C Swift ERASE TO CODE Requires many steps to combine two pieces of information i.e. in String Missing in Objective-C Reduces the amount of code that is required for repetitive statements and string manipulation Adopts modern programming language features like adding two strings together with a “+” operator
  18. 18. Objective C Swift Memorize special string tokens (%s, %d, %@) Objective C is established Supports string interpolation, which eliminates the need to memorize tokens SWIFT language that is available today isn’t the finished product CONT….
  19. 19. Similarities between Swift and Objective C
  20. 20. - There is interoperability between Swift and Objective C and both can be mixed and matched in the same app - You can have typed collections on account of the introduction of Generics - Dynamic evaluation in the development environment, in real time - Default Parameter Values - Difference between struct and class - Type Inference
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