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Chromatography: Performance Characteristics of an AP MALDI Ion Source Applied to the Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus


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Speaker: Dr. Kerstin Strupat - Product Manager MALDI-MS

Dr Kerstin Strupat presents her scientific poster about singly charged AP MALDI-produced ions at high mass range using the Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus mass spectrometer. For the first time, intact bovine insulin at m/z 5734 is detected on an Exactive series mass spectrometer.

Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus Mass spectrometer is the ultimate screening machine for confident identification and quantification of compounds in complex samples. This benchtop Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry system delivers high resolution, accurate mass data and fast scanning capabilities to increase both confidence and throughput.

The Exactive Plus Mass Spectrometer is an easy-to-use benchtop system combining premium performance with a simple, intuitive interface in an LC-MS system that is smaller, faster and affordable for virtually any lab.

Published in: Science
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