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2013 reputation economy


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Published in: Business, Education
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2013 reputation economy

  1. 1. IntroductionIntroduction For young people: this is history Advice: study the sheets Why? It is about your business future and your skills for thereputation economyChris Noordam May 2013
  2. 2. CMGCMGCMG (Computer Management Group) was a consultingcompany focused on telecom and computing.It was founded in 1964 and was acquired by Logica in2002.Some inspiring policies and practices
  3. 3. OUR VALUES
  4. 4. Building high-trust in relations(1)Building high-trust in relations(1)HOW TO TRUST OTHER PEOPLE Competence: select right staff Openness: inform how things are going Trustworthiness: give them responsibility Justice: know what their interests are
  5. 5. Building high-trust in relations(2)Building high-trust in relations(2)HOW TO ENLARGE YOUR TRUSTWORTHINESS Competence: stimulate education Openness: give feedback Trustworthiness: be incorruptable Justice: be a determined leader
  6. 6. OUR STAFF
  7. 7. Our most important staff policies(1)Our most important staff policies(1)FAIRNESS & EQUALITY Pay must be based on merit only Equal opportunities/equal benefits Step down if you cannot cope with the job No discrimination Unequal pay for unequal worth Promotion from within No status symbols Share ownership encouraged
  8. 8. Our most important staff policies(2)Our most important staff policies(2)OPENNESS Strong profitibility allow good staff above market pay Anyone can ask questions of anyone else in CMG Honest to others about strenghts and limitations People should not have to solve things on their own Communication as open as possible Open salaries in the company
  10. 10. CMG managementCMG management No job descriptions Manager’s job is to change things Perfection is the enemy of the good Leadership by example Business like Teamplayer High standards bring high moral Define clear and limited tasks Best people promoted Strong personal commitment Respect our values
  12. 12. A CMG business managerA CMG business manager Vision Relationship builder Inspiring people Entrepreneur; make things happen Business language (boardroom talk) Cooperates with collegues (team-driven) Long term relations; no quick wins Negociator
  13. 13. Your business profileYour business profile Social presence Taking charge Proactive Understanding client’s business Add value to client Businesslike Strong personal commitment
  14. 14. TO SUMMARIZE
  15. 15. Shared economyShared economyYou are here to serve other peopleTogether we are strong
  16. 16. More info?More info?